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    [H-10-Nesingwary] <Fancy> ~PAYING TRANSFER FEES~ (T/Th/Su @ 830CST)

    [H-Nesingwary] <Fancy> is a 10-man guild on Nesingwary. We're willing to pay transfer fees for high-priority recruits, including faction transfers*! Our leadership has over a decade of raiding experience, and we've become the #1 guild on our server since our creation in February.

    *The decision to pay transfer fees for a recruit will be based on a variety of factors, including the raid composition's needs, the recruit's gear/raiding experience, and availability.

    Website: http://www.fancyguild.com

    Raid Times: Tues/Thurs/Sun @ 8:30-11:30 CST.

    Progress: 2/12 ToT(H) (Jin'Rokh & Ji'Kun)

    High Priority Recruiting (6/10/13): 1x DPS
    Especially looking for a shadow MS/disc OS priest

    For more information, try to reach Caffeen, Nevski, or KCJones in-game. My bnet tag = nargster#1471
    Alternatively, you may leave a message below or PM me.
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    5/6(n) MV after first week of raiding. Transfer fee offer still open, especially to a solid DPS. (bump)

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    Bump: 6/6(n) MV & Elite Protectors down so far this week.

    High Priority recruiting as of 3/8: 1x Tank, 1x Healer w/ DPS OS
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    Bump: 4/6(n) HoF down at the end of week 2.

    I'll be hosting a CR raid tonight (Monday 3/11) @ 9:00 CST with some of our raiders/backups for the remainder of our HoF and TOES runs. Any interested Horde applicants can add my bnet ID for invite (assuming there's room).

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    Post-spring break (oh god it still hurts) bump

    Progress Update: 6/6(n) MV, 5/6 HOF, 4/4 TOES, 1/12 ToT

    Really looking for a solid DPS or two

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    2/12 ToT

    Wtb dps =(

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    Now 2/12 ToT(H). Especially looking for a shadow MS/disc OS priest

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