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    Turn Exp off no pvp

    Ok so just got a dk to level 70 have almost full brutal gear but am getting rdy to level to 71 if I do another bg.. So i turn my exp off and now have to wait 45min for a bg wtf is up with that!? Is this working as intended or did blizzard mess something up.

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    Working as intended. You don't want to level past 70 neither do the people who are queueing with you.

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    if you turn off xp you only get grouped with others that have turned off xp, so queue times increase a lot

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    Yep, working as intended, you now que up with like minded players.
    Ideally no one has ever hit the level cap of the last expansion, looked at their dungeon blues, and thought "I win."


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    working as intended. I had 4-7 min queues, locked xp 30+. I just go holy or prot farm dungeons and convert the jp. Do arenas or find a premade.

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    It's working fine, it's there to stop people, like yourself, getting full gear at a certain level then playing against those who you clearly outgear and are just doing the battlegrounds as a form to level, just get to 90 then you can get all the battlegrounds you wish, against players who can actually hurt you

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    I personally locked my pally at 80 for Herald. Still farming gear and I might as well pvp a little at my level. I don't agree with the being grouped with xp off toons, I see people in cata leveling greens ranging from 80-84. You can see the locked 84's, they are easy to spot, 200k hp dk's and such

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