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    WoW crashed

    So WoW just crashed. The error report or whatever it is said "Not enough storage to process this command." along with some other shit.

    Program: (wow and it's location)
    Process ID: 3192
    File: M2shared.cpp
    Line: 402

    Requested 4903392 bytes of memory.

    Anyone have any ideas as to what all that means?

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    Heh... figured it wasn't that cause I've already done that, multiple times over the last couple of weeks. Oh well, I'll try it again and see if it helps any.

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    It could be a slew of other things but it was as good a place as any. Send me a DxDiag (start>run>dxdiag>export>upload to an external site>post link) and I'll see if I can spot anything obvious which might cause it.

    Running repair and deleting any folders which are created on startup isn't a bad idea either since corrupt files are the most likely cause.

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