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    Guide for warriors (everything in it)


    Includes everything macros,addons,reforge you name it bros! (and girls)
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    Mistakes at a quick glance:

    1) PVP power gems instead of pvp resil. Most warriors have 320 pvp resil instead of power.
    2) Wrong spec. Double Time and MSR are never chosen. Warbringer until 5.2, Juggernaut afterwards.
    3) Wrong glyphs. Why do you even have the Overpower glyph instead of the snare one?

    Overall, a jumble of misinformation aimed at low-tier pvp players. Suppose it will be good for those trying to get to 1500 in arena playing a fotm class, but useless beyond that.

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    Missing enchants, Windsong instead of Dancing Steel, not a single 1550 achieve in any bracket.

    Move along, nothing to see here. Thanks idefiler6.

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    not sure if srs.
    Probably the biggest thing that rppm trinkets include is the feelings of rage and joy of an unstable bi-polar person when your dps sways back and forth faster than a pregnant woman's emotions.


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