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    DA/spirit shell and crits

    Does anyone know if there will be any kind of indication worked into the game that tells me when my heals are actually criting as a disc priest? (As in ,a normal critical heal in the combat text appears larger than normal heals.) So if a heal crits will I be able to tell in anyway that it isn't just a normal heal.

    Also for spirit shell could there be some kind of combat text that tells me how much the spell is absorbing since it currently doesn't show up in anyway since it isn't regarded as healing to be displayed by the basic green text.

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    Depending on how blizzard scripts it. It will probably show the healing portion as a bold large crit like normal just not show the absorbed portion

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    By now there are enough absorb effects in the game that Blizzard might want to modify the combat text system to support them. Maybe blue for absorbs?

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    Everquest II had it, it was nifty but could also add a lot of screen clutter.

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    the new patch is on the ptr so i tried it. If u "crit" the text on your unit frame appears larger than normal heals, just like on the live server. Only with smaller numbers

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    If you're healing, you should have raid frames. Just turn on an option to show when DA is on your raid members. Problem solved.

    However, if bigger green numbers are what turns you on, roll a Druid and watch all your HoTs crit. More sets of big green numbers.

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    Try an addon called Miks Scrolling Combat Text - out of the box it works pretty well, there are also many other options just check wowinterface if you're interested.

    Anyway as mentioned above, Blizzard's scrolling combat text should by default show critical heals in a larger bolder text.

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