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    next boss 25mHC ?

    Currently we are at 6/16hc (4 in msv, 2 in hof) and also we have done Spirit Kings on 10man hc with some of the people.
    We seem to aim for Garalon next, but i'm wondering if we should go for it or some other boss first.
    On Spirit Kings 25, we havent had much training, but it's such a mess on 25. Recently we did Mel'jarak quite easily and seem to be quite solid now (had a lot of replacements during december-january).

    (Also, to clear out things for our guildies, is it possible during a lockout to go for Will if we have done 4/6 hc and some have done Spirits before the lockout. I'm thinking that it works like FL that you need to clear all on hc but some insist that we go Will before Spirits.)

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    First of all yes you have to clear msv till elegon on heroic before going to WotE hc.

    I recommend you do lei shi or garalon heroic both are not as hard, i think you would kill them faster then spirit kings, and if you kill one of them the other is still up and can both be killed in one lockout.

    Spirit kings and WotE are both bosses that take time to learn there is alot going on.

    try leishi first he is one of easiest heroics in this content, then garalon. if you aim for WotE you need time.

    I was kinda pissed cause we started lei shi so late due to noone really looked at the strat and said hey we can kill him in like 20-25 trys,.
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