Current progress: 4/6 MSV Heroic, 3/6HoF Heroic, 4/4 ToES Normal

Jato is a 25-man raiding guild, which has been around on Zenedar since 2008.
We raid 3 days a week, Wednesday, Thursday and Monday, starting invites at 19.45 and ending around midnight (Game Time).
As a guild we put the emphasis on a positive, mature and peaceful guild atmosphere, which thus far we have always managed to maintain.
Considering the number of hours we raid, we are considered semi-hardcore.
Nevertheless, we are only looking for players that can commit to our raiding days and are willing to prepare and give their best every raid.

We offer:
*A fun guild atmosphere
*A stable 25-man raiding environment
*10-man alt runs during the weekend
*Achievement hunting
*Casual pvp

Loot distribution:
*We use a loot council system, where DKP-style loot tracking and attendance are considered.

Raid spots:
*While sitting out will be required now and then, role leaders make sure it stays fair.
Players with high attendance will be slightly favored during invites.

What we expect:
*Stable connection and graphic card that can deal with 25-man raiding content without your fps suffering too much (no laggers or disconnecters please!)
*Sufficient knowledge of English to be able to read and understand.
*Properly setup vent, to be able to hear what's being discussed or called out
*Maturity - we do not have a minimum age requirement, but you need to be able to act mature
*Previous raid experience on the character/spec you apply with
*Properly gemmed and enchanted gear
*Come to raids prepare with food and flask buffs, even though these usually will be provided through feasts and cauldrons
*Maintain a high attendance.
We only raid 3 days a week, so we are looking for players that can at least join 5 out of 6 raids.
Of course holidays and emergencies are not frowned upon :-).

*At the moment we are looking to strenghten our raid team by recruiting some of the following classes/specs:


(Clothies also considered)

(Other classes also considered)


If you are interested in joining, please visit
You'll have to register to wowstead if you haven't before and then continue to our recruitment section.
If you have questions about the process, please send a private message to Eplixx or Haastia.