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    Bladestorm + Bloodbath TG or SMF or doesn't matter PvP

    Title says it all: bladestorm + bloodbath combo better with TG or SMF or the same for pvp? I've heard TG is better for burst but I don't understand why. Won't the added +35% flat dmg, +35% OH dmg compensate? Also on a side note, with the changes to Wild Strike and Bloodsurge, won't SMF be better?

    Thanks for your answers

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    I nuked dummies and testing showed TG is about 15-20% better in Bladestorming. Also more burst (Ragin Blow) and stats when 2hs are used.

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    TG Is more bursty so it will do better with bladestorm, SMF is stronger over so depends what you want quick burst or consistacy.

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    I'd have to agree with Daani, just as most things it all depends on the fight. TG for quick/AoE fights and SMF for consistancy on single target in a longer fight - Where most dungeons have all these types of fights.

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