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    Torment of the Demon Hunters : A Battle ground Idea :D :D

    I've had an AWESOME idea for a new BG!! (mainly given from the Demon Hunter reviving quest in Blasted lands).

    You have a fixed number or resources/possible player deaths per team.

    Each team has a base with an invincible necromancer in it

    There are two "holes in the nether" that are returning Demon Hunters to the real world.... alas in pieces. Pieces can be legs, arms, bodies and heads.

    At the start a random piece of a demon hunter spawns at each location, you have to collect one (or both if the other team is fail) and bring it back to base.

    Once both pieces are returned to bases, a new two pieces are spawned.

    You can always see what pieces the other team has, so some times it may be better to guard /destroy a piece they need rather than going for a new piece yourself.

    Once you have managed to build a full Demon Hunter, the Necromancer brings him to life as a boss and he runs rounds with you one shotting players happily until they run out of resources... or finish their own demon hunter to fight him.. but by then you may be well on your way to finishing your second Demonhunter, and so on and so forth.

    It's morbid sure, but it could be a laugh

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    This sounds like a battleground version of Exodia.
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    Can't tell if serious.

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    wtf did I just read O.0
    Think for yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alenarien View Post
    This sounds like a battleground version of Exodia.
    /looks up Exodia on google quick

    Yeah it is a similar idea. I always liked working to build bosses in AV, back before that became a waste of time, so I though a BG where you're competing to build more bosses would be cool. Everyone running round with different body parts is just a bizarre twist on it.

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    But... Don't we kind of sort of want demon hunters to hunt and kill demons?
    So... Why would we want to kill one another if we could instead work together, build twice as many demon hunters, send them back into the nether, and have a cup of tea and claps on the shoulder for a job well done?

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    What's up with all this Demonhunter-Stuff lately?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lighthoof View Post
    What's up with all this Demonhunter-Stuff lately?
    warlocks getting lots of demon hunter skills, demon hunter fanboys getting pissed and demanding a new class, and hints foreshadowing or misdirecting towards a burning legion expansion after MoP. all of this is contributing to the recent demon hunter craze lol
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    Interesting idea made me crack up, but I doubt we will ever see this in game.

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    I would change the body parts to necromantic stones and have already a lifeless body at the necromancer. That would fit much better with the game and less disgusting.

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    I actually really like this idea haha. It's like an extra convoluted flag-running-deathball bg.

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    Gross. Serious or joke, I actually think the idea of assembling a demon hunter piece by piece is, or even a demon, is kind've neat. Very magical, very high fantasy. Plenty of fiction out there where a nightmarish monster is dismembered and its remains scattered so they cannot come back to life.

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    So go in with 5 highly geared players, take the 2 parts on the field , camp a spot somewhere and annoy other people ?
    Ayy, it's me dude, the one and only.

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    rofl stop feeding trolls :P

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