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    [Help] What AddOn/Feature is this?

    Greetings MMOC,

    I've recently re-built my UI, and all was going well until I noticed a loot roll box appearing whenever loot was being rolled for. Given one of my other AddOns (ElvUI) already deals with loot rolls, I'd like to know where this box is from, so I can remove it.

    Here's a screenshot, the offending loot roll box is outlined in red.

    Here's a screenshot of my Interface folder. Addons highlight with a red star or line I have tested (by disabling them), and the loot box still appears. Other AddOns are rather critical to the success of my UI, and testing without them is going to be a last resort, that I'm willing to try if it comes to that.

    Additionally, ElvUI does skin the box, as it looks rather ugly when ElvUI is disabled.

    Any help determining where this particular feature came from would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    It's from the Blizzard Default UI, the new loot screen. /loot shows/hides it.
    But then again, I am a Snowman on Fire!
    Yizelin the Insane

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    My gawd.. well, that explains a lot.

    I found the option to disable it under the interface menu. +1 internets to you sir.


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