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    Quote Originally Posted by Jrodick View Post
    What exactly would make it better? They change things every patch to make things more least from my view they do

    these are just recent expamples of players issue with developers:

    beta players: stampede does far to much damage: blizz 6 months later, oh we found a "bug"
    dk/rogue survability problems? ok here's more damage
    wintrading/expoiting ruining the ladders? np we ban/wipe 10% of the xploiters long after they ruined the ladders, and oh ya they keep their t2 gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rzy View Post
    They have a pve and a pvp dev team, Just the PvP dev team don't listen to the community, and for some reason they don't make PvP skills different to PvE skills, which they should by now!

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    So true, maybe in vanilla the argument was valid, as soon as TBC and S1 hit, no...just no.
    actually there is no dedicated pvp developer team, the same people who go "you know what would be neat for dragonslaying" are the same people who handle the pvp when they eventually get around to it.
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    If you can't accept the obvious logic by now, you never will.
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    I don't usually indulge in whataboutism, but

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    People will always, always complain about something. People who are dissatisfied are, in general, much more vocal than people who are satisfied. Then there are the people who just enjoy stirring up dissent and argument.

    While, in some cases, people are complaining about legitimate problems (and there certainly are legitimate problems, nothing is perfect), something we see a lot of is the phenomenon of "Blizzard, you're releasing content too slowly, RIFT is sooooo much faster at coming out with content patches, you SUCK," followed immediately by "OH MY GOD, BLIZZ YOU'RE RELEASING 5.2 TOO FAST WTF YOU SUCK."

    Honestly, for all of the legitimate issues, Blizzard deserves props for being one of the most consistent and successful MMO developers, and their game, features, and ideas work beautifully far more often than they do not. They're never going to please everyone, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Komamuris View Post
    As long as me you and millions of other people are the CUSTOMERS, we can and we WILL whine about anything we want.

    "The customer is always right" and especially when you are the one paying in a business relationship you MUST demand more, always. It's business 1.0.1 and they know we will do such a thing.
    I think this mentality may actually be their biggest problem. The majority of their feedback comes from average players. If they just balanced the game for competitive-level play, most players would feel balance is off and ignored due to phenomena like "king of the 1500s" specs. I theorize that they want to balance for high-end play, but the only way they can do that while appeasing the majority is compromise balancing while limiting/removing those skilled class mechanics (which they're basically doing).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sevyvia View Post
    We are hard on Blizz because they have the tools to make PvP much more balanced and better, but they won't/don't use them. Either because they don't know how to, or because they just allocate dev time to other things.
    This is a good answer.

    There are numerous forum posts by users that care and have taken the time to analyze and offer constructive criticism and it often falls on deaf ears.

    I think the biggest problem is their reluctance to change anything... it takes them months to nerf things that are obviously OP...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sevyvia View Post
    We are hard on Blizz because they have the tools to make PvP much more balanced and better, but they won't/don't use them. Either because they don't know how to, or because they just allocate dev time to other things.
    the main issue seems to be that they don't listen to people who actually know what they're talking about. this also isn't about money or w/e you might wanna think it's about the ego of the lead developers.

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    Give Blizzard props for making PvP even worse in 5.2?

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    The whiners are usually people who want to enjoy their fav spec in pvp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by naturetauren View Post
    The whiners are usually people who want to enjoy pvp.
    Fix'd that for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sevyvia View Post
    We are hard on Blizz because they have the tools to make PvP much more balanced and better, but they won't/don't use them. Either because they don't know how to, or because they just allocate dev time to other things.

    Also the fact that they can make spells and abilities effect players differently (Colossus smash, Gag order, Fear and poly (Durations ofc)) but for some reason don't want to do that.

    Just seems strange that it takes them a VERY long time to notice something is overpowered (Stampede "bug" ,Thirst for blood, Hybrid healing, Feral druids. And that's just this season) I'm not into believing conspiracies and I suppose it isn't really one but it always seems like there's a FOTM cycle going on and maybe it's just Rogues time to be FOTM, come 5.3 maybe it'll be paladin, just so people stay interested and keep re-rolling to be the most competitive or the most OP, cause people do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hexme View Post
    There's a lot of legitimate reasons why people complain in WoW cause to put it simply, Blizzard doesn't care as long as they are making the $$$.
    I often wonder if the people who make posts like this realize how ignorant and uninformed they actually are.

    If Blizzard didn't care there wouldn't be dozens and sometimes hundreds of class adjustments, in patches or in hotfixes.

    If they didn't care we wouldn't get bombarded with things WE ask for, like playable Pandaren, Stampede, Titan Grip, and just a thousand other things I could post. We wouldn't have things like transmogging.

    If they didn't care it would show through inactivity, NOT through constant patches, hotfixes, attempts to get content out faster, changes to things like rep and dailies, and just hundreds of other changes that were made directly because of player feedback.

    If they didn't care people like GC and Bashiok wouldn't spend dozens of hours per week communicating with players.

    So yeah, please spare us the mundane stupidity of comments like 'Blizz doesn't care'. Because there are a few thousand things in/about WoW that kinda disprove that entirely.

    Oh and those of you talking about how they should make every spell function differently for PvE and PvP, if you actually understood game design you would know that changing every spell to work in that fashion would actually make the game MORE difficult to balance, not easier to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jrodick View Post
    Ok so the more i read these forums the less i respects some players of the game. Ive been playing a little less than a year and i bet 99% percent of what i hear about the game on forums is about how bad of a job blizzard makes this game..about how unbalanced it is..about how EVERYTHING is OP..why are we so hard on blizz?

    Keep in mind im just calling this how i see it from my point of view and im not trying to make anyone mad.. Also this is mainly what i hear about pvp so thats why its in this section of the forums
    here's your problem,its all too new and shiny for you to notice what's wrong or why

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