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    I think they have to do at least something.

    Otherwise, why Blizzcon this year? They had another SC (HotS) and WoW (MoP) last year, and that wasn't enough... that's all they're known to have this year (Protoss and possibly a pretty big-picture/edgame WoW)

    I mean, I took making it non-annual to mean: If we're saying something, it's big. What else makes this big?

    Could also just be that they don't want to go two years without, though. Who really knows till it's time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nemro82 View Post
    lol what? dude we gonna see beta invites for new expansion soon after Blizzcon.
    Yeah, WOW has been very fast with patches this expansion, and they basically told us 5.4 will be the Seige of Ogrimmar raid.... and keeping with the 2month-4month thing they said with patches, that puts 5.4 around September. i would expect the next expansion around this time next year. So by the time Blizzcon comes, we will know probably all the details of the expansion, and the big WOW news will be the beta start date.

    TITAN is COD in space, FPS-MMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonripper View Post
    not gonna lie, I hope they reveal that the project has been cancelled. Though I am kind of an ass :x
    Given that nobody knows anything about it there's no need to cancel it, they can create a whole new game any time they want and still label the project "Titan".

    Aren't we getting on the hate bandwagon a little early given we don't know the first thing about it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by huth View Post

    Given that it still has millions of subscribers, that's highly unlikely. Also, it's not "we" that need a change of pace, it's you, and that is entirely up to you.
    The only reason it has so many is because there hasn't been another MMO that can live up to it. Just because people continue to play it doesn't mean they don't want a change of pace. And not going to derail this thread but last imput. The fact that the majority of the 2-3million people who quit or original wow players means that yes indeed its getting boring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azrile View Post
    TITAN is COD in space, FPS-MMO
    No Titan is going to be a single player puzzle game set in Greenland in the year 1466.

    See I can make up shit out of nowhere too.

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    If they're smart they will show us nothing, look at the backlash and whining about diablo 3 delay, the later they announce their games the better for all involved. We'll probably see new wow and d3 expansions, and maybe, just maybe, small Titan teaser just to build extra hype. Then in 2014 they announce that whoever buys next wow expac has a chance to get into Titan beta, and we see subs skyrocketing again^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    No Titan is going to be a single player puzzle game set in Greenland in the year 1466.
    Lies it's gonna be like Diablo... in space!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vertex705 View Post
    If Blizzard is announcing the next WoW expansion we'll already know the title by then like we have for the last few ones from registering the trademark.
    well yeah, but title isn't everything, we all expecting new Burning Legion expansion anyway. We are all interested in new features of the game, changes and all that good stuff, and thats the Blizzcon is good for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rogueMatthias View Post
    not sure. IF it's a MMORPG, I still don't think Blizz would actually release it while the're still doing wow expacs. Different game/settings or not, it wouldn't be wise to be your own competition and risk spreading out your players too much.

    I'm 100% sure they have said that it will be something you can play while playing wow (hinting f2p?) so i see no problem for them to release it while they are still working on world of warcraft.. people will still come back for an expansion and a new mmo gives them more people and will give those burned out on new expansions something to play and use money on

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