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    You can now physically interact with the last person you spoke to in game!

    So, your going about your business in wow, you might be raiding, playing the AH, instances, grinding, chatting or in a bg, (etc) and your speaking with someone, when suddenly BOOM! a magic wormhole appears and you can physically interact with the person in RL through your monitor for 60 seconds,

    Okay its a silly game, but its essentially a what if game, you have 60 seconds to physically interact with the last person you spoke in game, is it a friend? a troll? Someone you were bargaining with?

    What would you do in this time frame?

    for me, I was speaking to a hypocrite in AV, he was yelling and swearing at people for not defending the North and South Bunkers, when he was sitting inside the Generals room waiting for the last 3 to go down, when I pointed it out to him he slobbered me and said I wasn't in either North or South, (I was in IWB defending QQ), I'd probably scare him by going to punch him if he was a chav my age, if it was a kid, I'd probably do the same, if it was a elderly man or woman, I'd just sit there face palming and saying really?

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    I'd use it for gankers/campers. Switch to other faction and start talking to said ganker to make him the last person who talked to me. When the wormhole appears, it will be Happy Fun Time.

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    I'd be talking with a Norwegian guildie whose girlfriend's dog has just had puppies! So I'd get to see them, cuddle them and lavish them with adoration.

    I'd find a way to keep the wormhole open longer than a minute too....

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    Last person I talked to was the tank in LFD who decided to pull more then he could handle while the healer was busy drinking.

    Lets see... go through Wormhole, do my best James Doakes impression ("Surprise Motherfucker!"), punch him in the face, then go back through the wormhole. If it's a girl, slap across the face. If it's a kid, just scare the crap out of him. If it is a large, muscular man, I'd punch him in the back of the head, then do my Doakes impersonation while leaping through the Wormhole.

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    Last person I spoke to was guildy and good friend. If I could hug her, I would.

    Otherwise I prefer to be far far far away from 99% of the people I encounter in WoW.
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    I'd probably jump on her and rip her clothes off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lysah View Post
    I'd probably jump on her and rip her clothes off.
    In a good way or a bad way?

    As for me, I'd probably just sit there and scream in terror for 60 seconds as my monitor is destroyed suddenly I'm meeting the Vayne I just played the last 2 games with and did REALLY well with.
    Quote Originally Posted by dupti View Post

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    my boyfriend... sooo you know... all you need is 60 seconds XD

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    I'd close the wormhole.

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    Some kid who wanted something crafted, and as soon as I accepted and got in group it was incessant whining and issues non-stop (didn't have mats, didn't want to leave SW, didn't remember the recipe for longer than .003 seconds at any given time, etc). Not a huge deal, but annoying. Turned out he tipped me 4g for a semi-rare BC craft, as well as tipping my alchemist that I offered to log on to to craft some of the aforementioned missing mats nothing.

    You might think I would say I would slap him, and I'd probably consider it, but mostly I'd probably just waste my time trying to explain the finer points of being a polite/good customer IF you can't afford to tip well. Like... know the mats beforehand and have them (especially when you're spamming 'my mats' /roll), be willing to come to the crafter or at least say you can't at the start, etc. It would probably flow in one ear and out the other, but who knows.

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    I can now physically interact to my brother.....wait this game sucks. I want my money back, it is a scam! I could interact with my brother before all of this!
    UNFAIR!!! :P

    (Don't play multiplayer minecraft before entering this thread)

    When disregarding minecraft and back to WoW I would now be able to interact with: An irl friend. (The last person I talked to before leaving on vacation, at least I think it was him....otherwise maybe some guildie?)
    Either way not very interesting.
    Would be more fun if it was a Blizzard GM >
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    anyone else see the majority of the posts involving sex or violence? either way I'm one of them, idiot on my server who likes to cause trouble in trade chat, 60 seconds of blood..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Decagon View Post
    In a good way or a bad way?
    Is there a bad way?

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    I'd have nothing to tell that person as the last person I "interacted" with was in an LFD. So I'd be like: "hey.. yeah... bye"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lysah View Post
    I'd probably jump on her and rip her clothes off.
    I think Lysah pretty much nailed it here.

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    I would break his childish neck, then make some very rude comments and return like nothing happened.

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    I would get the damn idiot hospitalized, then disappear, and no one would ever believe him.

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    I wouldn't use it.There are enough people in real life that I already avoid physical contact with (as in going out and talking to).

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