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    Did they mention anything about retro-active activation for those who already own the game on PC? That would be sweet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cityguy193 View Post
    Concurrent users dropped from 300k to less than 20k within 2 months and has only been getting lower and lower.
    Where are your sources?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kargarok View Post
    This game was dead when they release the RMAH. All pay to win games are bad.
    I've been doing quite well with MP 10 without using the RMAH and spending ridiculous amounts of time playing the game. Over the years you develop a good network of friends that look out for each other and we all play WoW/D3/other games and have fun. There's a lot of trading between us for the amount of items we find in D3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrazyK923 View Post
    I don't mind Path of Exile, but pretending that it isn't grindy is pretty amazing. Its easily as grindy as Diablo 2, and then there's the fact that if you screw up your skill tree, you either have to start ALL over again, or waste a bunch of time grinding for Orbs of Regret.
    It's definitely a very grindy game, but I know what he means. For me I feel like its because I can actually get something that will improve my character. Multiple times I've found upgrades at end game in PoE. I've played D3 for a lot longer than I have PoE and I can safely say that I never found anything that I could use. Everything came from the AH. Maybe I'm just lucky/unlucky, but when I grind in PoE I feel like I might be rewarded, and when I grind in D3 I feel like I shouldn't even bother picking up the rares because I'm not going to get anything even worth selling. Maybe I'm just pessimistic when it comes to D3 :P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madruga View Post
    Honestly, that announcement was quite "mehhh" to me. I was like, "took them this long to announce THIS?"

    I honestly think all people who would like to play D3 are already playing/already played and stopped. Maybe there are some people exclusive to consoles that might buy this, but nowadays, I don't think a person who really likes games would stick to only one platform, specially considering pretty much everyone has a PC, so PC games are much more readilly accessible.

    I am more interested on what Blizzard has planned next. I am pretty sure D3 is just the first step to a much larger plan of Blizzard launching console games in a regular basis. On that I am excited!
    You'd be surprised. An example of how many people own consoles that don't own PCs is Skyrim. It sold the most on the 360, even though the PC version is considered the 'best' and has modding capability. There are plenty of people who have 'so-so' pcs and plenty of people who simply don't like to deal with all the complexities of PC(I know quite a few people who just like the 'put in and play' factor of a console, whereas sometimes in the PC gaming world, there's incompatibility issues with software, hardware, and more). I've seen this a lot with plenty of games(take a cruise through sites like VGchartz and compare for yourself).

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    Quote Originally Posted by reemi View Post
    there's more players than ever playing D3 now...
    More than ever? More than at launch? Wow, that's impressive! :P
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    The launch was soo horible that its no surprise :P

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