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    Preliminary 5.2 Tactics

    Are there any yet? Would be cool to get a sticky up regarding the basics of the upcoming fights so guilds like mine who do not have enough people interested in doing the PTR raid testing are still able to hit the ground running!

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    there relly isent alot of good guides this time, http://www.youtube.com/user/icyveinscom?feature=g-hist if you want some info but its not very good.

    to bad fatboss has been so slack here in mop, back in ds thay had guides for everyting before ds even went live.

    for the first boss i find this one to be okay - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBwfqzIhdUA

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    I think icy-veins will have some later on. They have some PTR test videos right now that show the fight, but they don't go into detail.


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    Icy Veins indeed does have previews for every single boss, I watched all of them so far myself, about as close as you are going to get to a guide atm. Method has quite a few videos up as well with vent commentary.

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    There's also these "previews"


    I found helpful when trying to scramble up something for our guild (scroll down to the end to find links to more). Icy Veins has nice vids but yeah, there really isn't much else to go with atm.

    Oh right and Dungeon Journal here:

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    for not create another post, anyone knows if the buff in jin,rokh the breaker (40% damage and healing) the pets is affected?

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    For german users http://hordeguides.de/ have already some useful textguides an vids.
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    Stumbled upon these guides the other day whilst randomly browsing youtube


    Scroll down a bit and check out some of the playlists, they are seperated into guides for each role. They dont seem to be complete on number of bosses but there is a good few of the bosses there already

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    You can also start forming strats yourself. For example, I'm going through the dungeon journal and retyping all of the abilities in an "easy-to-read" format for my guild. Instead of saying some random craziness with word fluff, I type "deals 200k damage to all players (interruptable)." While this does not incorporate the timing of these abilities, you can at least read through these abilities, understand WHAT they do, and then watch a non-strategy video and observe how the mechanics are played out. Then, use your brain to synthesize "this ability SAID it would do X, and I'm watching something similar on screen, so that must be how this works."

    It's not for people who are not motivated by this kind of thing, but it doesn't take a lot of time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keygy View Post
    for not create another post, anyone knows if the buff in jin,rokh the breaker (40% damage and healing) the pets is affected?
    Haven't tested myself but I hear pets do get the buff
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    Just wait, in my experience most guides get published the day the patch hits because certain abilities of bosses may be changed if necessary.

    Posting info before live can really damage the player base, a example is that certain warlocks still wonder if they have to use fel flame in their rotation because at some point a single person wrote it because according to hits ''test'' it was a dps increase (not sure if he even claimed that it was a dps increase).

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