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    Issue with ReforgeLite

    After running SimulationCraft and looking at my reforge plots for Mastery and Haste, I can see that I am in range of the 6638 haste breakpoint because the plot is telling me to reforge about 1000 mastery into haste for almost a 1000dps increase. My question is this. When I input my scale factors into reforgelite and set my haste to be at least 6638 and spell hit capped, I run the addon and it tells me to dump a bunch of hit into haste. I have watched Evrelia's guide to using Simcraft and increased my scale factor of hit as he did in order to make the addon reforge different stats instead of hit; but after seriously increasing the scale factor over and over little by little, the addon is continuing to show the large decrease in hit to obtain the required haste. Maybe there is something I am not understanding and if anyone could throw a suggestion or has had this same issue I'd greatly appreciate it.

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    Sounds like you've already reforged all the mastery and crit you can, leaving hit as the only option to let you reach 6638. The reforge plot you're looking at is just a stat value comparison, it doesn't actually check to see if it's possible reforge that much mastery to haste with your current gear.
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    Ok thanks for the insight. As most of my gear is already reforged that is very understandable. I've added a line to copy/paste to my armory, is there by chance an avg. item level where people feel that going for the 6638 breakpoint is the most feasible? Or is that too hard to tell because of the varying item stats for the same slot ilvl for gear? Sorry for the link ahead of time, since I have not posted enough yet I am unable to do a URL :/


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    One thing I would check is to make sure that if ReforgeLite is removing some hit to get to that haste rating, even when you want it to be hit capped, is expertise. ReforgeLite might think it's better to reforge some hit for the haste but to reforge the crit to some expertise.

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    When almost all of your gear has haste on it, it's a little difficult to reforge into haste (limited areas to switch). If you're having trouble reforging to the cap, and you're already reforging mastery to haste in some places, go ahead and switch 1-2 of those yellow gems to "quick" and the reforge should go just fine.

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