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    2min avenging wrath and no other dps increases - Rets possibly even worse off?

    As shown on the notes, we're seeing increase damage to abilities like Chimaera Shot for hunters, Envenom for Rogues and so on.

    Now, Rogues have been buffed on the 5.2 PTR originally because in 5.1 they had problems.

    Ret however, needed the 2min AW change for 5.1.

    With the change to AW which would have made us a bit more useful for sustained damage, but no other dps increases while others get them, are we essentially back to where we are now?

    Finally we get Given what we want (AW baseline), but really we aren't given the benefits others receive?

    Your thoughts? Discuss

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    There are already several open threads about retribution and incoming changes for the next patch, please use one of the open threads.


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