View Poll Results: Which race deserves some focus to develop there story?

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  • Tauren

    42 10.91%
  • Troll

    8 2.08%
  • Gnome

    25 6.49%
  • Dwarf

    23 5.97%
  • Night Elf

    23 5.97%
  • Blood Elf

    36 9.35%
  • Orc

    11 2.86%
  • Human

    4 1.04%
  • Draenei

    150 38.96%
  • Pandaren

    2 0.52%
  • Forsaken

    32 8.31%
  • Goblin

    6 1.56%
  • Worgen

    23 5.97%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    Lets keep this as unbias faction wise as possible, since I feel it benefits both sides having developing lore for one race, opening the doors to another.

    I really feel draenei, worgen, and even tauren don't get enough. these races barely get a mention outside of there starting zones.
    This is my list of the two races that need and rightfully deserve some lore development:

    1 - Draenei. (One of the first two new races, barely gets any mention outside of their Starting Zone or Outland.)
    2 - Tauren. (Taurens are the #1 least developed race of all the vanilla races, in my opinion. Only reason it's not #1 in my list is because I like Draeneis more.)

    Worgen and Trolls (The Darkspear tribe) kind of get an honorable mention, but they're: a) too new a race still (worgen), or b) we've seen them enough elsewhere (Zul'Drak, Zul'Aman, Zul'Gurub, Zandalari and the upcoming Thunder King...)
    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post
    You're claiming one of the main concerns of NPC design is "how would a class based on this NPC play like?"
    An NPC that could be a potential class. Yes.
    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post
    You are actually saying Lightforged Draenei lose their ability to pilot a mech when arriving on Azeroth.
    Until otherwise indicated, that would be the indication.

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    For alliance playable races:

    I would like some old race -except humans!!!- take the lead. Dwarves, elves, gnomes, dranei could get some attention. I have not seen many worgen stories either, but I haven't played most of Cata.

    I just do not want a totally new race to dominate the entire expansion and continent, as pandas did in MOP.

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    Pretty much every single one except Humans, Orcs, Forsaken and Trolls.
    For personal tastes, I'd say Night Elves, Dwarves, Tauren, Draenei.

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    its not about deserve or equality. They should all have some level of involvement and representation. Numerous racial guards and soldiers exist, thats good.

    NPC wise this is fine like with Mishka but faction stuff should be there like how the Explorers League is helping the Shieldwall offensive ( i personally loved retrieving the bell wit that AWESOME sentinel commander who kicked loads of ass with me) or how the Night elves were involved in Kasarang on orders of Tyrande. The gnomes in uldum (which went horribly south)

    We should definately have more stuff like that. THey're showing greater Faction leader involvement too.

    At most the Draenai, worgen, Forsaken, need the most attention. Tauren too.

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    Dreanei the most. Though I would love to see how the Worgen would fit in the fight against the demons in the next expansion(assuming it's a Legion based expansion), since I'm pretty sure the Demons had never encountered a Worgen before(Correct me if I'm wrong).
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    I feel Night Elves need it a lot now... poor guys. ._. Their homelands are being savaged and they got their leaders back, but so what? What's being done? All the lore 'advancements' they've had have either been in books or glossed over in neutral quest lines. The events of Hyjal? They have their Ancients back... and yet as far as we know, Ashenvale is still being invaded and destroyed by the Horde with them not doing jack to help.

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    Let's see... Tauren Lore...

    "Whelp, we moved around kalimdor fighting quillboar and centaur... Maybe we got some druidic knowledge from Cenarius, but we mostly forgot that... then Warcraft III happened, and you know the rest."

    Wow. Thrilling.

    We got sunwalkers, which was cool... but there is very little information on them besides that one scene in Wrath with Aponi and Tahu... but not much after that.. and now they're starting to sound more "light" based... sorta what is happening with some priests classes that aren't of the light.

    Also we know little of Tauren priests besides the fact they are called "seers"...

    I wanna know the Tauren's origins, man, since we already know most of the other race's origins... (Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Elves, Worgen... hell, even Draenei origins are more explained than Tauren!)

    EDIT: Also, we need explanation on what the hell Magatha is doing!

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    Draenei, Worgens, Night Elves..

    Basically the entirety of the Alliance aside from Humans.

    I'd also love some Goblin, Tauren, and Forsaken love in 5.3 maybe.
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    Voted Night Elf, because I like the race a lot and they seem to be sidelined most of the time. Would also to like some Draenei love.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talen View Post
    Worgen and Draenei need some serious development and story. Unfortunately, the Worgen don't have anywhere to go if you don't bring them back to Gilneas and Silverpine...that's where their story is, but if they were brought back there - there'd be a lot of it.
    Well i don't think that story development necessarily means exploring their background but rather the chance of telling new stories. The operation shildwall, for example, could have been lead by Worgen/Gilneans instead of Stormwind humans. That would have been an nice change. Just give them new challenges. Same with the Goblins.

    Regarding the Pandarens, i think the Horde ones could feel home in the Horde if it wasn't for Garrosh and i guess no one except the younger orcs feels welcome in the Horde right now. But after that i think they are a good fit and their philosophy would match with Thralls, for example, quite well.
    Aside from that i am disappointed that Ji and Ayla don't appear in Pandaria. They wouldn't need a big role but them just being there as an ambassador or something would be enough. After all they are the newest race and other races really need some lore development more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yriel View Post
    Well i don't think that story development necessarily means exploring their background but rather the chance of telling new stories. The operation shildwall, for example, could have been lead by Worgen/Gilneans instead of Stormwind humans. That would have been an nice change. Just give them new challenges. Same with the Goblins.
    Doubtful.....the trouble is that the Gilneas situation is largely unresolved. **IT** is the big storyarc that is still hanging around the Worgens necks.

    Could the Worgen have taken a bigger role in Pandaria? Sure. But that'd still be driving Alliance. Instead, it's mostly the humans and Night Elfs. And having the Night Elfs do stuff is also a good thing. At least, they get SOME of the focus. And we even see the Gnomes take up some of the role they should be filling, providing technical support to the Alliance forces in Krasarang.

    But that still leaves their central stories untouched, and it doesn't drive forward their factional story arcs too much. It merely helps develop their character.

    The Worgens story is in Gilneas. We need to see them return, setup shop and work to reclaim Gilneas, free the feral Worgen still roaming around, reclaim Silverpine and take the war to the Forsaken. We need to see them being the savage beast they can be and were intended to be. And we need to see Prince Liam return as one of the Forsaken.

    Returning the Worgen to Gilneas would provide enough story and motivation for both the Worgen and Forsaken, especially as the humans have to stay out of that conflict a lot more than they are used to. Exploring how humanity feels about being on the sidelines may be a good plotpoint

    New stories for the Worgen can always be done. They can always be done for any race. And there are a few races that need new stories. The Goblins story is largely done I feel. They are one with the Horde. They are integrated. A new story can be brought into have them return to Kezan, or flesh out Gallywix or leave the Horde or whatever, but it would be a new story. I, for one, don't get much sense that there is much left to tell.

    For the Draenei and Worgen? Their stories aren't done. Their stories haven't really been told. We've seen the Draenei on Draenor, but not on Azeroth. There didn't need to be a lot done with them, but they've been largely ignored by everyone. And that really makes their lack of integration into the game stand out. Not every race needs a lot of story. But there should be some story there. Blizzards problem here was not that the Draenei sprung out of nowhere; its more that Blizzard really didn't do anything with them. They have a lot of potential, but their lack of use is noticeable. Varians demand to bring Velen to help Anduin is the kind of integration that would have worked better if it had been done earlier, in LK. Instead, we've been left wondering where the Draenei were.

    As for the Worgen, Blizzard couldn't decide what to do with them, kept changing their story and ended up shipping them over to Darnassus. Again, their lack of integration, their lack of story stands out. Why did they leave Gilneas? Why didn't they return when the Forsaken were driven out? What happened to their nationalism? Their patriotism? The story feels unfinished.

    New stories are and can be important. But that doesn't mean old stories should be ignored while they are still unfinished.

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    anything that DOES NOT INVOLVE HUMANS OR ORCS. yes orcs may be my favorite race but FFS give the other races some love.
    on the alliance side all i ever fucking see is humans this, humans that.
    I'd love to see more from the dwarves with the current leadership and how that is coming along. show us what the Worgen and Genn have been up too.
    don't give a shit about the gnomes, night evles but that stems from me hating them very much. i want to see what Gallywinx has been up too, along with some love for the Draenai. so far we have seen a lot more attention be put on the blood elves but I'm not against this, they have been active in the story since BC and i don't see a reason to change that.
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    I believe if it's Legion themed it should be: Draenei, Blood Elf, Worgen, and Orc.
    For the Horde!

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    We need more blood elf action!

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    If the next expansion is focused around the legion , then Blood Elves and Draenei will get much attention.

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    Draenei and Tauren could definitely use some love. After all these years Draenei and Tauren are just kind of.. there.
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    I can't help but feel Tauren need some more attention though can see some more Draenei in the future.
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    Voted Draenei (as have lots of people).

    They're an interesting race with a fascinating faction leader who have gotten short shrift for some time now. The story we actually know about leaves more things unknown than known so I'm hoping that they get some development. Or a book. Or something.

    EDIT: I don't have any Worgen toons but they could clearly use some love as well. Tauren too.
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    Buah Draenei, they're there to make the Alliance look cool and they're a train wreck of a retcon. The only good lore is about the Forsaken. Worgen lore is a boring version of Forsaken's and I think we have enough of Trolls and Night Elves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korru View Post
    Buah Draenei, they're there to make the Alliance look cool and they're a train wreck of a retcon. The only good lore is about the Forsaken. Worgen lore is a boring version of Forsaken's and I think we have enough of Trolls and Night Elves.
    I don't get why people are so hung up on that retcon. They changed like 1 sentence and people flip out. It's far from the only retcon in WoW and it's no where near the worst.

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