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    Disable buffs/debuffs in tidyplates

    I am using platebuffs for tracking buffs/debuffs but can't get tidyplates to stop showing them, so I end up with 2 sets of the same thing. I unchecked show aura timers and chose filter "show specific auras" with the box below it empty. It still shows everything, even after a reload.

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    I would very much like to know this aswell, it's sooo annoying seeing double of every debuff

    So if anyone is good with these 2 addons, pleease help! =)

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    In my opinion TidyPlates is best for showing yours and everyone elses debuffs, but I digress.

    The option is in TidyPlates Hub: Damage or Tank depending on what theme you're using.
    Then go down to the Buffs/Debuffs part towards the bottom and unclick show aura timers.

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