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    Quote Originally Posted by Zzang View Post
    I think he means 10s as in 10 man, and 25s as in 25 man.
    lol yes, re-reading that i see what you mean - derp thats what i get for posting pre coffee

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    Ah I drink too much coffee, now on the drink lots of water come down! =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keiyra View Post
    Your 10 secs estimate seems way generous.

    80-90k per target is assuming fully charged yes? That means you would have to do 600k of rejuv overhealing in 10 secs to fully charge the 3 shrooms to 450k. Yeah i don't see that happening in 10 secs :P
    I'd like to point you that it is: Stored Value * Mastery * 10% from new passive

    So we need far less them you would expect to heal for huge amounts. And Remember that the cap value is your HPS so around ~450k right now.

    And about the amount of time to stack this amount of overhealing, in 5.2 a 500 ilvl druid gemmed to Int (Since we will have enough spirit by now, and the -9% cost to reju will help too, and by the time we replace the Set bonus we will already have way more spirit to deal with it), Reju is hitting really high.

    If you pre-Hot 7 targets, you will get 450k in ~10 sec.

    450*1.2*1.1=594k of healing

    594/10 + 30*6/10 = 77,4k per target

    This without procs and raid buffs. A moderate guess.
    In fact numbers will reach over 80k per target in 10-M raids, with 10sec of Reju Pre-hotting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smokeyy9 View Post
    Hello everyone. I havn't played the PTR yet but from what I've been hearing resto druids are going to be on the bottom for healers. Does anyone know if this is true or is it still too early to confirm this?
    Umm what source are you getting this from? And what are they smoking?

    And are you talking PvE?

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