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    Warrior Question

    What is a solid Warrior PVE build?

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    Hi! I don't know a good warrior pve build, but I know where I get a lot of my builds is gw2guru.com. They have so much info for every profession, pve to pvp. They have everything u need I suggest checking them out! Good luck! =)
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    Glass cannon zerker build is definitely the way to go.

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    a great place to start is noxxic.com

    i usually start off with the builds from there and slowly change them to what works best for my play style. GL

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    And here's where I do another shameless guide plug: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...it-Build-Guide

    Hopefully one of those should be to your liking. I'd recommend Rising Might if you're looking to blow stuff up.

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    Full on Berserker gear (power/precision/crit%) with a "Sonic Boon" build. Works great for me...

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    Don't go with full signets. The build you want to run is GS/x (I use axe/mace and swap'm out when I need a ranged weapon)
    The best "team" build out there that does the highest dps is a full berserker+ruby orbs warrior who has the talent spec 25/25/0/10/10.
    You bring banner of discipline, on my mark, for great justice and as elite signet of rage.

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    how is only having 10 in discipline "the highest dps" when in fact 30 str with berserker power/axe mastery/and dual wield 10 arms with rending strike and 30 discipline with h.focus/sig mastery/x would deal more consistent and MUCH higher damage. really the whole arms tree is not needed at all to deal any sort of great dps sure you crit more but 10 in tacts could possibly make you deal even more because of empowered since you would always be keeping at the very least 2 boons up and you do not need anything in the arms tree to hit 80% crit chance and anything over 80% becomes worthless in an axe/x build because the use of the axe is for sustained damage and when you are just trying to get crit chance in a sustained damage build you sacrifice alot of power which will make your non crits to less damage as well as your crits, so unless you can pull off 100% crit chance the stat loss becomes very noticable in a sustained damage spec such as the axe.

    either way the warriors roll is to deal damage and make the group deal more damage, if you want the highest axe/x damage use 30/10/0/0/30 highest gs damage is 20/20/0/0/30. Really in a pve build damage should be your focus and maxing the discipline tree is always a must when you want damage. keep in mind the the warrior can keep the fury boon 100% of the time all you need is signet mastery and 10% boon duration either from the tactics tree or 2x superior runes of the monk or 2x major runes of sanctuary with the skills signet of rage and for great justice.

    personally I run 20/0/20/0/30 but I like the shield for a plethora of reasons that is my build choice and I still crit for an average of 2900 to 3k with self buffs no potions and with parties it reaches well over 3300-3500 no potions, which is an acceptable amount of damage. the full axe/mace spec can crit for 5k given the correct circumstances i.e. 25 might +10% damage to x mob potion.
    as for skills for great justice should never leave your bar if at all possible, banner of discipline is a great choice as for skills help the party deal damage, dont over look banner of tactics in a few situations as it is the only utility in the game that adds to boon duration, + you should be picking up either discipline or tactics banner and casting its #2 when ever possible. the 3 skill should be swapped frequently as "on my mark" is very good in helping the group deal alot of damage there as some places that you will actually waste 1/2 the debuff that only has a 33% uptime because of being knocked down and having to dodge alot. Taking other skills that break stuns can be much more useful and life saving. Even though you can roll full glass and have higher hp and armor than any other class doesn't mean you wont go down. so some life savers can really help the group more so than just dealing more damage. this is the highest team based damage spec, so long as you dodge the right attacks swap skills frequently for different places and of course never stop attacking.

    as for gear I run full berserker except for weapons which are soldiers but that because I have legendaries. 4x ruby orb and 2 sup runes of the monk (for 100% fury uptime) sup sigil of force and sup sigil of accuracy. which give the highest most consistent damage. I also have swap weapons to get 25 bloodlust stacks. hope that helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Meledelion View Post
    Plz show me your spreadsheets.
    5. You think critting for 5k is awesome, I normal hit for 7.4k with autoattacks.
    Some people are too pro.

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    Plz show me your spreadsheets. I've ran everything and 25/25/0/10/10 tops the charts with 18.2k dps with axe wobbling behind at 17.6k, maybe I've missed something so if you could be so kind as to link a full made up toon with talents so I can pop it in that would be apreciated.

    Also a couple of notes:
    1. In the build I've just specified you also have empowered.
    2. Arms not worth it? 10% extra dmg 11.9% crit chance 1/3 chance of vuln on crit + might on crit (short duration but you hit a lot)
    3. The only trait that adds dmg in the discipline line is heightened focus (which you also have in the build I mentioned)
    4. Everything you said about crit dmg, crit chance and power is simply wrong.
    5. You think critting for 5k is awesome, I normal hit for 7.4k with autoattacks.
    6. The best utilities dmg wise (if you're the only warrior in the group) are banner of discipline, for great justice and on my mark. Boon duration isn't needed since you already keep up 25stacks of might on yourself without effort and have constant fury...
    7. Burst>consistent damage, the reason for this is simple. Whenever you dodge you lose X amount of dps while a burst build loses less since they can burst after the dodge which increases overall dps.
    8. "having legendaries" is no excuse for not optimising. If you care that much about a purple name use that as your LA gear and bring real weapons when you do dungeons.

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    1. umm every dps warrior should always have at least 2 boons up pretty consistently making empowered more profitable than arms, also you can easily hit a 90%+ crit chance without anything into the arms tree, try expanding you views a little.
    2. arms isn't worth anything if you want to actually be helpful to the group not just yourself
    3. heightened focus may be the only trait the directly adds damage but there are others that contribute to adding more damage also not taking reduced weapon swap cd on a warrior is pretty fail, especially when you are running a pretty glassy build, 1 swap defensive 2nd swap ranged or a burst if you will
    4.um no in sustained damage builds having a fairly level amount of power and crit chance will do much more damage than just trying to gain crit chance, precision doesnt scale 1:1 like power
    5. pics or gtfo with your made up 7.4k auto attack HAHAHAHAHAHA please remember f1 rifle is not an auto attack
    6.please re-read what i said, banner of discipline and fgj are mentioned but if you never swap your skills to adapt you just fail, also not having a stun break on a glass build is setting yourself up to fail, sure on my mark is great but if you down while its on the target you lose your damage and another players because they have to res you, also its up time and cd does not make it worth carrying on the bar for trash mobs, bosses on the other hand why not. also having 25 might for yourself is sweet if this was wvw or open world pve but those 10 points could be better spent like in your discipline tree because without signet mastery and the 10% boon duration you have 85% fury up time, where as i have 100% maybe you should try optimizing a little. also banner of tactics is freaking wonderful if you're pugging and want another regen tic for the group, that extra tic plus a little extra healing can go a long way for a group, remember it is about the group not just you.
    7.that is an invalid point in pve, because with an axe i can keep dealing damage while avoiding red rings and strafing out of the way of attacks, sure SOME times i might have to dodge but it is minimal, now if you run gs and spam #2 you know that one skill that roots you in place i could see why you would have to rely on dodging. in pvp however sure take burst over consistent damage.
    8.technically the stat loss on taking crit damage from weapons armor and base trinkets instead of orbs, runes, traits, and exquisite orbs is much more in-efficient than you think, "not optimizing" lol you completely miss 20 points of so called optimization by not having the discipline tree maxed. so really i am much more optimized, plus they look freaking cool get on my level.

    if you really want spreadsheets feel free to go to google type in gw2 strifes axe/mace warrior guide and there you will find the complete argument for gs vs axe in pve, also I implore you to send him your build I could use a good laugh. also he is very big in the dungeon running section of the official forums and on gw2 guru, I personally don't run his build because he runs with an organized group and i run with pugs mostly, still it helped me a lot in settling the gs debate.

    this is an equation based off of a maxed out superior sigil of perception and a superior sigil of bloodlust, no other boons where added.

    (566(base skill damage)x1.5(crit multiplier))x1(my crit damage 100%)=1698(expected crit)
    (1698x77(expected crits times the crit chance 77%)+(566x23(non crit times the number of expected non crits)=143,764 over 100 hits
    this is is with maxed sigil of perception

    this is with a maxed sigil of bloodlust
    this can be reduced to 10 hits as well but it shows that for sustained damage build that focuses on never stopping the attack that power will in the end make you do more damage over a period of time, also there are plenty of bosses in the game that can take 100+ hits to kill no matter how much damage you do.
    Quote Originally Posted by Meledelion View Post
    Plz show me your spreadsheets.
    5. You think critting for 5k is awesome, I normal hit for 7.4k with autoattacks.
    Some people are too pro.

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    1. You have empowered in the build I linked, get it through your **** filled skull so quit jabbering about it.
    2. What "helpfull" traits do you get from other lines?
    3. I'm running full glass with my GS and never need a defensive kit, dodge+gs3 is all I need to survive and to get back in the fight simply GS4+GS5. I don't waste time waiting for my "good" set to be rdy again hence I don't need to shorten weaponswap duration.
    4. It's not about power/crit chance. Go educate yourself.
    5. http://imgur.com/PsVpa6k here you go, I can't take ingame screenshots since a) I can't stack everything needed on my own b) shit dies too fast
    6a. I don't care about trash mobs, trash mobs die in 2 autoattacks.
    6b. I know when to pop OMM so ppl get the most of it (after or well before KO attacks) and I don't get downed (see 3)
    6c. WTF are you on about with disc, give an example of a dps boost from that tree.
    6d. Again, I have 100% fury uptime.
    6e. I don't care about healing, the people I play with are good enough as to not ever get downed and if by some miracle they do get downed, they know to rally and then poof they are up back in an instant due to the mobility of the GS making it possible for me to help and get back on the required target in a second.
    6f. The minuscule amount of healing you're giving is a drop in the ocean 120hps won't save your ass.
    7. Not at all, again being able to time your skills makes it so that it doesn't matter if you need to dodge.
    8a. Full zerker, I don't lose any stats you ignorant baboon.
    8b. Regarding discipline see 6c
    8c. Regarding his build doing most dps I quote directly from his guide
    Greatsword still has the potential to do similar, and sometimes even more damage then Axe/Mace, but I personally dislike the playstyle and the requirements to hit higher dps (rooted for 3.5s and whirlwind next to a wall for maximum dps).
    As you can see he acknowledges that GS>axe if you set up correctly, I can understand you're incapable of setting fights up as desired but please don't reflect your lack of skill on other players.

    Going further, this build is optimised for both survivability and dmg. I don't need to optimise for survivability (see 3 and 6c)
    This stat breakdown will let you maximize your % crit while balancing for survivability with Knight's pieces. How much toughness you need depends on the group and player. I currently have everything berserker except the helm and leggings, which really at this point you could switch to berserker as well
    So he agrees with me regarding full zerker.

    His 6stacks of might which come from constantly weapon swapping are really awesome, especially since I'm already at 25stacks of might...

    I'll slot his build into my spreadsheet since he doesn't have one posted.

    Parsed both builds and here's the results (No consumables used, 25stacks of might and vuln, fury, 25stacks of strength/perception and force/accuracy when relevant)

    GS build:
    Axe/Mace build:
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