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    [A] Distortion 1/12N 25M 6-9pm AEST

    About Distortion

    Distortion was formed towards the end of BC content with the aim of 25 man progression based raiding. The guild was originally formed to fill a gap in raid time slot previously unavailable for Alliance on our server. We are a New Zealand timezone guild and while a large percentage of our members are Kiwi's, we also have a healthy Australian player base and others from as far as Canada and the US.

    We are not a guild that just logs to raid. We have a very healthy social side, where you will find people online and in vent talking or doing dailies together.

    We are a mature 18+ guild. Our average age would be around 25, with most of us managing full time jobs and families outside of the game. We have a very strong officer core which has zero tolerance for drama or immaturity hence we have few issues.

    We are looking for people who know their class but it is just as important that you fit into our guild socially and be part of the team. If you're looking for somewhere to call home this may be the right place for you.

    Current Tier Progression
    Throne of Thunder - 3/12

    Tier 14
    Mogu'shan Vaults - 6/6
    Heart of Fear - 6/6
    Terrace of Endless - 4/4

    Raid Times
    Days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
    Hours: 6-9pm Server (AEST), 8-11pm NZT

    What we are looking for
    • You must be a mature minded player who knows their class and have a willingness to learn or take advice.
    • High raid attendance is expected (>95%)
    • We expect you to show up 15 minutes before raid with gear enchanted & gemmed, along with required consumables
    • A sense of humor is required and we do like to have a laugh on vent but know when to be serious and get the job done.
    • We are after players with a high situational awareness who can adapt quickly to a given encounter and strategy.
    • A stable internet connection – If you are constantly capped or experience a high rate of dc issues in 25’s we would rather you not apply.

    Raid Positions
    Melee: 3-4 spots, pref non-Warrior
    Ranged: 2-3 spots, especially Warlocks
    Healers: 1-2 spots
    Tanks: 0-1 spots. Can be an offspec of someone filling another role.


    We operate a Tiered silent bid dkp system.
    All dkp gets reset for change in tier content

    To Apply

    Visit Distortion - New Zealand & Australian 25M Raiding Guild and fill in the application form.
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