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    LFR: Have you wiped more than once in the SAME LFR run?

    Has this ever happened to anybody? What were the circumstances, and was it because the players were just terrible, or were there griefers in your LFR run?

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    Sure, you have a huntard in the group who likes to chain pull the boss right after clearing trash, people get locked out, healers are OOM, and the first pull on every boss is a wipe.

    Or any of a dozen other reasons.

    It's LFR. It happens.

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    In my experience its unusual to wipe more than once to a fight in LFR. There are times that its happened more than that especially when the raid is new.

    Wipes usually happen because of the tanks. One or both of them wont know exactly what to do and get 1 shot enough times to run out of bres. I havent seen any fights make it to the enrage if there even is one. Fights that have a high probability of problems are Garalon because of people that cant stay out from under him and Wind Lord because the CC always gets messed up. So basically fights where it is easy for other peoples mistakes to create too much damage.

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    Only time I've wiped in LFR was when HoF and Terrace were new first week, but the weeks after were fine, you get a few individuals dying, but nothing the rest of the players that are paying attention can't cover. Garalon in particular we wiped maybe 3 times the first week he was available due to pheramones.

    However Elegon, jesus so many people falling to their deaths over and over, hasn't caused a wipe yet though.

    Other wipes include tanks dc'ing (which I tend not to class as a wipe so much as bad luck and there's no way to really know if it was on purpose.

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    Only twice ever, when Garalon was added to LFR and the first time the second half of HoF was added, on the second boss. After a week, everyone got used to those bosses, seemingly.

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    Me personally no, why because If there is a wipe I don't stick around for another. Its LFR FFS if you cant figure out loot pinatas then you should just stop all together.

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    As other said, wiped on first week of HoF. Since then I have only wiped due to griefers

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    Absolutely. Most of the time it comes down to VERY bad tanks who don't understand the boss mechanics, which results in them dying repeatedly until every battle rez is used up and the boss runs amok in the raid.

    The two worst cases I can think of were on Spirit Kings, where the tanks kept pulling the boss away from the other melee and getting one-shotted, and on Will, where they sat in the cleaves until they got splattered or tried to tank them together or just couldn't control them at all. Oh, and early Garalon nuking the raid with crush, but I haven't seen that for a long time. It can take a surprising long time to convince people to boot them and get new tanks.

    Most wipes related to something else (bad heals, bad dps, bad luck, etc.) were one-time wipes and we cleared the boss on the second try. But yes, I've been in runs with multiple wipes on the same boss.
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    A few weeks ago, I wiped two times on Lei Shi, she hit enrage twice in a row.

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    Probably happened couple of times when LFR just opened, other than occasional one wipe now I can't really recall wiping more than once in few months now.

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    Only instance of multiple "wipes" would be from one time in LFR where the two warrior tanks decided to charge the first guy for Spirit Kings. The hilarious part was the second warrior tank did the EXACT SAME THING as the first tank after seeing the results literally 20 seconds earlier (when tank 1 died, the encounter reset since no one else was in combat).

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    I had a group in DS that wiped in Ultraxion, then Blackhorn, then Spine AND then Madness...

    Aaaaaand... We didn't finish it! The group fell apart after 2 wipes on the last phase of Madness!

    Come to think of it I don't know why I didn't leave... Guess I was scared of the queue... But it would be a lot faster than that crappy run lol

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    Many in LFR Dragon Soul,
    a very few in LFR for MoP, most of them in terrace

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    For me its cause people in the LFR is to busy bickering at one another to do healing,tanking and dpsing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by schwank05 View Post
    Me personally no, why because If there is a wipe I don't stick around for another. Its LFR FFS if you cant figure out loot pinatas then you should just stop all together.
    I agree with this statement.

    Have any of you experienced wipes on LFR trash? lololol

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    Just today did the second half of HoF, one wipe to Wind lord because the tank felt that CCing adds was for wussies, after the pull he crumpled like an empty cola can, and then a wipe on Shek'zeer because a hunter pulled the boss when the group still had to rez/mana up after the trashmobs.

    So yeah, the most powerful bosses in LFR are arrogance and ninja-pulling.

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    Not lately, but lots of times in the past.

    Before Garalon was nerfed, it was about two weeks of nothing but LFR groups that couldn't beat him.

    Will was also fairly common to wipe on a handful of times before winning early on. Although that was mostly because after the first wipe (due to people not knowing what to do), everyone would get impatient and leave -- as if the next group would magically be better -- and we'd get all new people who didn't know what to do.

    Before then, you get bad tanks on Ultraxion who don't go in for Fading Light, and the boss would eat through all the DPS and heals until no one was left alive.
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    Recently wiped twice on Garalon, due to general retardation and healer fail.

    I commonly see wipes on the trash in the first part of HoF.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    I agree with this statement.

    Have any of you experienced wipes on LFR trash? lololol
    The HoF trash has plenty of wipe potential if both tanks goof it up, or if the group gets strung out or pulls too many packs.

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    When the raids were new this happened. I dont think it happens anymore because most people out gear the fights. For instance: the new strategy on Garalon seems to be to drop pheromones all over the place making it impossible to avoid the puddles, but even doing that we one shotted him.

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