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    All about cruisers. Unfortunately now with a busted up leg, I can't realistically support over 100kg bike without passing out from pain, so I'm riding this wee babe now;

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    I had this 600rr a few months ago when I was living in South Carolina. Sold it cause I knew I wouldn't be doing any street riding out here in Oklahoma and didn't want to ship two bikes out here. Had her loaded up getting ready to head to a trackday.

    This is my current little bike. Mostly broken down. Getting ready to build her into a full time track bike.

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    Got my eyes set on a 1994 GSF400, need to get my current one sold though.

    Just in such good condition for a 94 it's retarded, I've had my eye out for a while it just seems right one pops up for sale in such good condition as I'm about to hit my 1 year riding mark.

    It's only got 7000 miles on it, and all that's being asked is £1300 when I'd happily give an arm for it DDD
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    Got my license a while ago and i bought a Yamaha XT 660 X 05, loving it so much! had it for 3 weeks soon and i already put 1500 km's on it!

    Got Levince X3 pipes on it, Excell Rims and some other stuff.
    Man do i love my pipes! And yeah Loud pipes saves lifes!

    I shall replace my rear tire soon and i also shall get myself a stage 1 / 2 Airfilter and a Power Commander.

    /Cheers from Sweden!^^
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