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    Quote Originally Posted by Reyzzz View Post
    Stop crying until you see your numbers on live please.
    Why? We saw fire changes on PTR were ruining fire mages and we weren't even remotely wrong when they hit live.

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    What a horrible looking mount

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trigunflame View Post
    Summation: Blizzard gives the big middle finger to mages that do heroic PvE content.

    They've already ruined fire (though, due to incoming arcane nerfs may once again come out ahead) & are in the process of ruining arcane in the next patch, and frost (while still net positive in buffs thus far) may not be much better off considering how weak it is in PvE atm.
    Alternative summation: Mages aren't the "buffed to oblivion, 1 button class" any more. Now it's DK's
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille
    I knew it would be useful to be french at some point.
    Quote Originally Posted by xxAkirhaxx
    just get a mac. It's like sleeping with a fat chick to avoid STD's.

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    If you knew you would run the other way.
    My GM always made jokes about Arcane mages that they were for the less talented player as all they had to press were about 3 buttons or so compared to the likes of Afflic Warlocks or warlocks in general, priests, shaman, sometimes hunters (depending on spec), pallies and so on.

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    I wonder why everyone's bitching about that skyscreamer...
    1) since the introduction of raid meta achievements, mounts would always fit with the theme of the coresponding patch:
    -ulduar: protodrake
    -icecrown: frost wyrm
    -4.0 (overall elemental theme): stone drake
    -firelands: fire hawk
    -dragonsoul (alex and twillight drakesplays a big role): alextrasza lookalike twillight drake
    -5.0 (everything's about the china/pandaren): chinese dragon mount/cloud serpent
    -5.1 (jurassic parc/lost civilisation theme): flying dinosaur with savage look and primal armor

    soooo where did blizz exactly break with tradition? they just (like always) used the same model as mobs from the same patch already had

    2) Wether it is ugly or not, depends entirely upon perception and point of view.

    As a feral troll, this looks awesome. It kinda reminds me of a lord of the rings' nazgul mount, so it outa look good with an forsaken/death knight too.
    Ugly can apply to simply not matching a certain persons' taste
    OR it can apply to it having a savage, dangerous, wild look (which I think is something cool)
    I have no problem having a mount looking so scary it looks like an old goods creation and straight out of a madmans worst nightmares

    3) If you dont like it/it doesn't match with your transmog/taste, dont fly it. There's bound to be some mounts you like that you already have or can easily aquire by now.
    Blizz has created many beautiful mounts by now, creating an "ugly one" every now and then should be excused, I think.

    4) Why not re-use a skeleton, if it perfectly matches the model/animal? I think fire hawks looked weird with the proto-drake model, but it fits to the t for the pterodactyl.

    5) What else would've made sense for this patch to have as a flying mount?

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    Oh look, a reskinned proto-drake. How new and creative.

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