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    H Tsulong Help!

    Hello friends! My guild will be starting on Heroic Tsulong 10m this week. I was wondering how to handle the role and raid comp setup. Should we use 1 tank 3 healers or 2 tanks 2 healers etc. and how do we handle the adds and terrorize dispells in p2? This is the roster we have for the fight depending on whether we 1 tank 3 heal or 2 tank 2 heal:

    Tanks: Blood DK / Protadin (Ret OS)

    DPS: Lock Frost DK Mage Rogue Boomkin

    Healers: Disc/Holy (Shadow OS) Resto Druid (Boomkin OS) Holy Paladin Resto Shaman

    And yes we have a roster of 11 so what 10 would be the strongest! All of the OS's I listed above are about 500 ilvl+ so each and every OS person listed above can perform their OS just as well as their MS.

    And last: If we go with the 1 tank method how do we handle breaths? Thanks for the input and sorry about the long post!

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    Our guild doing it with 2tanks 3 heals. I going with alt on this cuz we usualy dont have 3rd healer. Composition: Holy paladin, resto shaman and me as holy priest.
    About dispells, all range pretty much stacks on boss and i use mass dispell with glyph.

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    Your tank and dps set up looks fine. For your healer set up I would go holy priest, resto shaman, holy paladin.

    For phase 2, you should have the frost dk and the rogue killing the fright spawns, while the 3 ranged each having a third of the area to kill the unstable sha. From memory you need everyone to switch to the first Embodied Terror and the last one, to meet the close sun breath timers.

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    What helped us a lot for that fight:

    - have your holy priest get 2pc of T10 for Blessed Healing. So, have only him take the Light of Day and spam Flash Heal during the Day phases
    - pop heroism a short time before the last big add spawns
    - since the transition from day phase to second night phase is the crucial part of the fight, we just let two of the adds run towards Tsulong and ignored them. Helped immensly to kill the little adds from the last big add and when you use T10 for Blessed Healing, the boss will get enough healing to compensate the 10% loss from those two adds

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    2 tanks 3 heals. As long as your DPS aren't useless you'll have no problems getting adds down, and with a bit of practice from the healers they'll be doing insane healing to the boss. We 2tanked/3healed and ended up healing the boss to full at the start of the second day phase, so had a tonne of time on enrage. We tried 1 tanking but it just made the night phase way more messy with no real advantage else where

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    And last: If we go with the 1 tank method how do we handle breaths? Thanks for the input and sorry about the long post!
    Simply have a dps taunt from at range and pop some cds to take the 3rd breath. Frost DK could do this perfectly from the comp you suggested with just IBF/AMS and then have the tank taunt back quickly. The tank will need to be quite vigilant on his stacks at this point because of the extra damage taken granted by the breath, will also want to make sure he has cds for taking the breath with a stack already. Just make sure whoever is taunting is aware of where they are standing to not taunt and point the boss at someone.

    What we did for day phase


    1. Nuke it down before first breath and use breath to kill small adds
    2. Dont burn it too quickly let it take the first breath after it spawns but dont kill it until just before the next breath so that this breath can be used to damage the small adds
    3. Nuke it down asap so that the small adds will get the breath right before the phase end


    We had 1 healer assigned to the boss at all times so it was the same healer always dispelling the boss

    The other 2 healers just communicated and dispelled the other people.

    Unstable Sha

    Considering there are 3 adds what we did was use 2 teams of 2 dps and a boomkin. We simply had the boomkin root 1 of the 3 spawning unstable shas and let it stand there and cast itself. At the same time the teams of 2 simply locked their adds down and nuked them to death. There is a tiny bit of overlap with just allowing the add to kill itself but considering 2 out of the 3 were just being locked down we never had a problem with RNG deaths to bolts or whatever

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