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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandragon View Post
    Yes we have. We have killed C'Thun and Yogg-Saron.
    Yeah my bad i meant after all the hype going around N'zoth (and Azshara) we didnt get to even see them (well Azshara once but i don't really count that since it was just minor quest chain). I just somehow loved Yogg fight and all the epic lore around it so i just want to experience that Ulduar nostalgia feel again.
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    Argus/Burning Legion.
    Now you see it. Now you don't.

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    Spider kingdom. We've already done Burning Legion, we've already done Lich King. I'd rather learn more about the spider stuff and bring the old gods into it. There's a lot of really good lore they could get out of that and it'll stay fresh and get a lot more mileage than going back over something we've already been through.

    Another Burning Legion or Lich King expansion will have a really cool cinematic and probably some decent lore, but once you break the seal and start to get into it, you're going to realize that you've done all of this before and it's gonna get really old really fast. Then on top of that the dailies are going to come...then the queue times...then you'll be levelling alts...and it's going to be all content that we've pretty much already covered. For two plus years. Think about it...

    I don't think there's enough space between 60-85 for us to start revisiting old expansions.
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    Emerald Dream. If not that burning legion. WoW needs to take a turn for the dark side imo. Lets quit the foo foo bunnies and bring back some scary undead and demons. Make it dark. Make it scary. Make it more evil.

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    Queen Azshara in her desperation to rid the land of her enemies creates a hybrid of her people and some captured night elves (because they would be genetically compatible or perhaps because of their Druid shapeshifting skills), the reason was to create an army of land walkers (maybe they would grow a tail when in the water, a bit mermaidish perhaps...), there were unforseen complications though, many of these land walkers showed signs of rebellion and wished to be with "their people" the Night Elves, these rogue Naga land walkers (shapeshifters) would be the next expansions playable race tadaaaa...yeah I'm crap I know lol.
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    I don't realistically see how Blizzard could make Lich King 2 (Northrend boogaloo?) and expect it to sell. Also, I'm fairly sure Bolvar is neither evil nor crazy, he's just the jailor of the damned. There is no reason for him to be an expansion-ending raid boss. I would not mind seeing him in a questline or two, however.

    Spider Kingdom would make more sense, but I still don't buy it. The Nerubians were able to slow Arthas down, but they could not stop him. If the Lich King beat the Nerubians and we beat the Lich King, the Transative Law of Badass suggests we can beat the Nerubians.

    The Burning Legion is "probably" the single greatest danger faced by Azeroth. When they are defeated, the big question is "who's next?" A lot of people think that the Burning Legion will be the game-ending expansion pack. Lorewise, I can't think of a good counter-argument to that, although there probably is one.

    My vote? People have been talking about the Emerald Dream since freaking Vanilla. It is really, really, REALLY overdue and has infinite potential. I'd go with that.

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    Azshara, Nzoth, the Nightmare.

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    Honestly I would have preferred in this order:
    • Azshara and the South Seas (Naga as new neutral playable race, Kul Tiras, Zandalar, Kezan, etc..).
    • Reminder that the Burning Legion still out there (return to Outland, Demon Hunter as new hero class, High Elves and Ogres as new playable races).
    • The Emerald Dream.
    • New Lich King and the Spider Kingdom (return to Northrend, Necromancer as new class).
    • Final Expansion (Titans).

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    Either we go on the offensive to the BC/they return or the Old Gods+Nerubians.

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    4. The Fall of the Alliance.
    Hope you find what you are looking for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goreheart View Post
    1. Argus / Burning Legion
    2. New Lich King
    Any of these would be awesome I admit.

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    Burning Legion and then Old Gods. :-)

    But I'm pretty sure we won't see them as long as it's possible to get more money from subscribers(Sargeras is Ultimate final boss of this world I think).

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