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    Nooooooo I love having friends with characters on dead realms to farm rares etc They brought in CRZ as a sort of solution for dead realms.

    I paid to transfer off a dead server, if this happens I will be wanting my money back.
    The problem with dead realms is that you cannot replace raiders if they quit, and your AH is empty.

    CRZ did nothing to fix that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karazee View Post
    The solution already exists. If you want off your dead server, pony up the 25 bucks and leave the server the exact same way everyone else did which caused the server to be dead in the first place.
    25 bucks for one toon. What if you have more toons? It suddenly becomes a rip off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Briga View Post
    25 bucks for one toon. What if you have more toons? It suddenly becomes a rip off.
    this exactly. I got 3 90's and 4 80+. transfering just my 90's would cost me 75 EUR. if I want to transfer my 81+ chars as well, it turns into 175 EUR. and I don't want to level 7 characters all the way from 1 to 90 AGAIN. so they either need to have a price reduction of at least 50% or give out bulk discounts from 3 and up.

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    Also, I play on Kor'Gall EU. during Cataclysm, the person you heard the most in orgrimmar were the 3 zeppelin masters. it was often 15-20 minutes of just those messages once or twice per minute.

    Pugging is dead. I can only do LFR or LFD. Last time we did Sha, we couldn't even get 40 people together.

    The AH is dead. I cannot sell anything on there, even high demand items like darkmoon cards and ghost iron. and when I then play my character on Kazzak, which i'm leveling in a futile effort to escape kor'gall, The auction house has more PAGES of auctions than kor'gall has auctions in total. I cannot do a fast scan because it doesn't get everything. I need to make a 45 minute long slow scan. but that's the fun of it.
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    Signed up for this too, I think that they only real solution would be merging the realms, there is no chance the player base will grow so much, that all realms would be playable.

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