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  • Metal

    125 38.34%
  • Drum'n Bass

    28 8.59%
  • Dubstep

    39 11.96%
  • Raggae

    9 2.76%
  • Psytrance

    16 4.91%
  • Basically everything

    78 23.93%
  • Other Styles

    150 46.01%
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    I will listen to pretty much anything, but I love Classical music and opera.

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    Anything but metal & rap.

    From Mozart, Beethoven, Breaking Benjamin, Bingo Players. Also anything relaxed soothing music.

    This would probaly be the genre I listen to most.
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    I actually downed LK when it was current with my DK listening to ABBA.


    Now I mostly listen to old rock bands, but DK tanking justs says ABBA to me.
    Oddly enough, reminds me of a game I had once. In one of the few times I've seen Karma, I was Swain and she supported me once the game started getting moving, and I thought it looked funny as hell cause it looked like an old couple on a stroll and murdering everyone.
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    Mainly orchestral and production music (Two Steps From Hell), but there are a few tracks from almost every genre that I like. But those two are the best for me
    I also like classic rock music ('60-'80), and I strongly dislike pop (especially today's - bleh).
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    Nothing feels more epic when you are battling a boss with Girls' Generation playing in the background.

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    That is a pretty shit list of genres.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uennie View Post
    When I level I listen to a lot of 70's and 80's rock.
    rpdr is the best show on television rn <3

    on topic, i listen to literally everything. you will never catch me tearing down a musical genre for being beneath my taste level.
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    Parrotheads repping

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    Depends what I'm playing, but mostly in that order:

    world music:
    pagan folk/neo-folk/darkwave:
    Omnia, Faun, Daemonia Nymphe, Damh the Bard, Adas, Gaia Consort, Hagalaz Runedance, L'ham De Foc, The Moon & The Nightspirit, Spiral Dance, Stellamara, Stille Volk, Tibertea, Triskilian, Valravn, Zirp

    world with nordic fussion:
    Annbjorg Lien, Fejd, Garmarna, Hedningarna

    and some world fussion: Elane, Niyaz, Middle Earth Orchestra, Vas, Wardruna, Trihordo

    World/celtic/rock music: Loreena McKennit, Carlos Nunez, Hevia, Rapalje, Alan Stivell Tri Yann, Blackmore's Night, The Corrs, Dan Ar Braz, Dropkick Murphys, Eluvitie, In Extremo, Korpiklaani, Mago de Oz, Schandmaul, Wolfstone, Afro Celt Sound System, Ronan Hardiman

    Sometimes even neo-medieval: Corvus Corax, Capud Draconis, Estampie

    Sometimes I like alternative rock/grunge: Nirvana, Cranberries, Sunrise Avenue, Dire Straits, Queen, R.E.M.

    I like the music, that has nice melody and make my foot tap with rythm. I like modern fussion of old and new instruments and I damn love sound of bouzouki, bagpipes, hurdy gurdy, and harp. ALso I love good guitarist that doesn't just smash guitar around but can actually play like this one:

    Bow to the one of the "gods" of the guitar...

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    wtf type of list is this

    Milk was a bad choice.

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    I find it amusing that quite a few people said "anything but metal and rap", because those are the two genres I listen to most, aw.

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    I personally find the label "metal" far too general for the genre.
    For example I hate Deathcore and most Metalcore with a passion.

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    I listen to artists/bands like Jimmi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Les Discrets, Dream Theater, Aggaloch, The Protomen, Om, Dick Dale, Motorhead, Moonspell, Wolfmother, Tool.

    I like almost anything that is Classic Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Blues Rock, Shoegaze, Post Rock and Post Metal.

    I also absolutely love some video game music, from composers like Jeremy Soule, Matt Uelmen, Russel Brower, Jesper Kyd.
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    (indie) rock all the way!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zogarth View Post
    I listen to orchestreal music, like Two steps from hell.
    This. And Soundtracks.

    Apart from Metal (Only the kind with nice melodies and not too much grunting), I wouldn't consider anything named in the poll even remotely as "music". It's just pink noise to me.

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    Hmm, I wonder if there is a connection between the shit WoW community and Metal being the #1 choice of music. Explains where all the "OMFG I HATE DA WORLD IMA SAY AIDS IS FUNNEH TO BE AGAINST DA MAN" angst comes from.

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    When i'm lvling a char, i listen to "loop WoW music" (to get the WoW mood), when i get ganked, i logg my main and throw on some techno/electric/trance, to revenge and kill them atleast twice.
    When i PvP i have play lists with every type (well not "slow music") from 80s-2013 music, and i used this while raiding aswell, as "background" noice, lower than vent etc. And then when i have it really loud with headphones... And then sing along.. I feel for my neighbors
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    Bow to the one of the "gods" of the guitar...
    Not bad, not bad at all. I especially like the first 2.5 minutes.
    Hmm, I wonder if there is a connection between the shit WoW community and Metal being the #1 choice of music. Explains where all the "OMFG I HATE DA WORLD IMA SAY AIDS IS FUNNEH TO BE AGAINST DA MAN" angst comes from.
    You are a very uneducated individual, if you really think that all metal contains only hate texts.
    While I generally don't like humankind, Metal has nothing to do with that. It's what the humans do to eachother and to their surroundings that makes me dislike them. There are good humans out there, but they are few and far in between.

    And just to state the obvious: AIDS & other ailments are not to be considered "funny" in any way, shape or form.

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    I played on both US and EU wow for a long time. and both have separate music style

    on wow US its either gangster rap / pop or R'N'B
    on wow EU its just metal / rock and some "emo music"

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    Mainstream pop.

    Forever alone in my taste of music in this community.

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