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    Force of Nature in 5.2

    Does anyone have any numbers on it? All I've seen is that it's getting a significant buff. I'm curious, in particular, about potential viability for Resto. I suspect I'll be using SotF in PvE and Incarnation in PvP, but I was interested in whether there'd be any compelling reason to think about treants.

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    I'd also be interested in anyone's been testing it, looked like a fun talent but works out quite useless, don't think I've ever seen it recommended to be chosen.

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    Yeah, at the moment it's just plain bad. I'd love to have an incentive to use it. If it was strong enough, it'd be nice to have something that kept healing while I'm CC'ed if I know I'm going to have to eat some sort of CC and can get it off first. Granted, that's highly situational, just throwing something out there.

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    Tried it in pvp. Never had them alive long enough to see any numbers

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