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    Question PVP : who ever tried " Mastery " instead of " Crit " ?

    I followed the train, and privileged Crit as THE offstat after Haste. But I always wondered if some chose Mastery, and concretely, how does it feel ?

    Thanks for your opinions

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    Depends a bit on your scenario. Are you doing random BGs and blowing people up? Are you doing 2s? 3s with a healer? 3s as trip DPS? RBGs (trololol yeah right)?

    Crit has the side benefit of helping our heals, which is sadly our primary defense and utility outside of Hand spells. Given that it buffs all damaging abilities, it's a very solid, well rounded stat (like haste).

    Mastery is great in theory, providing a solid bit of "free" damage to our hard hitting attacks. However, given the reliance on Judgement for SO many things in PVP (Selfless healer stacks, gap closer, ranged attack, debuff), I feel that mastery is a bit lacking since it doesn't proc HoL from Judgement.

    TL;DR, Mastery is a great PVE stat, but I prefer Crit in PVP given it's auxillary benefits and global increase in effectiveness both offensively and defensively.
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    The PVP activity I like the most and practice seriously is RBG (at low level in terms of MMR), and BGs for fun. Arenas are just for the " points ", but who knows

    Thanks for your answer !

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