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    Fury Warrior DPS - Weapon Dependency?

    In preparing for 5.2 and as the dps officer for my 25 man guild, I gave a pep talk to encourage my raiders to dig deep and take at look at their performance as we look at the new dps check the new raids are throwing our way.

    My stance was the people who are coming in below the next dps check weren't due to gearing as we have generally 490+ across the board but that rotation is more of the issue. Further that the lower dps can't expect to pick up 20%-40% of a dps increasing from a few more gear upgrades. I have knowledge in many of the dps specs and have been so far our raider are experiencing this (not using procs, not keeping dots up enough and not using CDs properly, etc).

    So my warrior complained that in her case that 20%-40% difference due to her weapons; not her rotation. She does have two 471 blues and terrible luck with getting anything better.

    I don't konw whether she is correct or not. Fury dps is foreign to me.
    I include her logs for a better picture.

    To me it sounds odd that Blizzard would have a 471 to 489 weapon upgrade (elegon weapons she wants) would account for 20%-40% of the dps problem. But I have read that fury is in general a gear dependent spec but that comment was from Cata, not MoP. So I am hoping the kind warriors at MMO can shed some light on the issue for me.

    TLDR; Will two blue 471 weapons affect a fury warrior's dps by as much as 20%-40%?

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    Simming her with her current gear produces 77k dps. With double starshatter normal with dancing steel, 86k dps. So not 20%, more like 12%. Difference between her current gear and double normal sha weapons with gem and extra sockets is about 18% I'd guess.

    Looking at that log, she cast 70 bloodthirsts in a 7:55 fight. Bar a couple of infrequent exceptions bloodthirst should be hit on CD, which is 4.5 seconds. So in a 7:55 fight she could have cast 105 bloodthirsts max. Admittedly on protectors hardmode melee lose a few seconds uptime on every exhale, but nowhere near enough to explain the big difference between what she could have done and what she did.

    She should have got 8 bloodbaths off, only got 6.

    Quite a few other mistakes but those are most obvious/easy to fix.
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    Considering that most of our damaging abilities are % weapon, an upgrade to 489 will prove to be very beneficial. I cannot look at the logs currently, but that I level increase should give a huge increase even if the player is literally smashing their forehead across the keys.

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    With close to 490 ilvl you should definitely be able to squeeze out more than 60k dps, regardless if you have blue weapons or not. Looking at her armory profile, she has put double upgrades into possibly the worst item she could have, other than the TANK legs; an lfr version of the least desirable tier piece. There are several bad gearing choices here: Tank legs could be replace by conquest legs, belt and boots with 5.1 valor rewards. Getting some proper weapons will definitely boost dps by a large margin, but no where close to 40%. 10-15% at most. Unfortunately I'm not great at analyzing logs so I'll leave that to someone else, but she is missing about 5% crit compared to what I would expect from a 490ilvl character that has chosen its gear with care.

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    I assume that's her. Note that she got the 489 elegon normal 1h axe and the 476 elegon 1h axe according to armory. She should definitely switch to SMF and use those 2 weapons, and put dancing steel on at least the main hand.

    She also got a 483 LFR chest with crit on it from Garalon 2 weeks ago, which I would suggest using instead of her poorly itemized 496 chest if she didn't vendor that 483 already.

    Now to continue, her gear is poorly optimized for fury all around, as she is using gear that does not have base crit on it.

    She is also using a piece of tank gear (legs, lol) and a pure strength gem........all gems should have crit on them. She gemmed for a haste bonus in her waist which is incorrect, all haste bonuses and pretty much all non str/crit bonuses should be ignored and a pure 320 crit gem should be used instead.

    She used valor points to upgrade our worst tier piece (shoulders) that are not used in an optimal setup, we prefer 4pc + amber shaper shoulders.

    She is using recklessness glyph (dps loss) and not using the glyph of death from above (heroic leap glyph) which is mandatory. She never used heroic leap for damage on protectors. Also, for that specific fight, she should be glyphing rude interruption and interrupting water bolts to keep the damage buff up.

    Ideal glyphs for the Protectors encounter: Death from Above, Unending Rage, Rude Interruption

    Something positive to note is that she actually did swap to berserker stance to get extra rage when she got the Touch of Sha debuff, which is something a lot of higher dps warriors "forget" to do.

    With that being said, the main reasons for her low dps are a lack of knowledge of class mechanics and a poor understanding of optimal gearing and stat weights for fury. She should be doing a lot more dps than she currently is, even with those bad weapons.

    She very much needs to fix her gear and get pieces with crit on them. I really hope she was not given all that haste loot over a DK or a Ret.

    Also, she should consider dropping mining, but it's not a big deal if you aren't hardcore.

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    Thanks a lot for the insight guys.

    This will be really helpful in improving the situation. Much appreciated!

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