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    Felsteel Longblade.

    I have been looking for the pattern for the Felsteel Longblade. I remember that Kael'thas from Magister's Terrace drops a lot of the rare world drop profession patterns. Does anyone know if the Felsteel Longblade pattern is among them?

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    WoWHead link to Plans: Felsteel Longblade.

    There, that should take care of it for you.
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    the plans are a world drop, so your best bet would be to farm a dungeon/raid where there are a crap load of mobs (black temple or kara)

    i dont know if kael has a higher chance to drop the plans however
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    Given that there's recorded drops in magister's terrace in general, i'd say it's possible (but likely at a sub-1% chance, like anything else)

    Your best bet is probably to find a BC instance that has tons of trash (probably best bet would be humanoid or beast) I would say Karazhan or any of the BC 5-mans with a mount drop you can grab on the way would be ideal. The phantoms before moroes have a drop logged on wowhead, and they're pretty easy to farm (and will respawn in ~30 mins if you leave moroes alive and are not in the instance.)

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    There are servers (illidan-uS/horde) where one guy shows up every day and posts lists of bc epic patterns at a pittance. this is one of them, 1 a day every day.
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