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    Keeping your irl Id secrect?

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    It's not a bad idea. Very few people outside from the mods have my real information from here, and even some of those only have my battletag. The only people who are far more aware of who I am are my old guildmates, one of whom is my partner that I live with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bombadrol View Post
    I do this, because I have some very close irl friends, whom I know would think that being so close to online friends would be very very weird.)
    They aren't friends if they judge you on something like that. Real friends wouldn't give a shit. Unless you play so much its bad for your health.
    Aye mate

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    Meh I don't really care, though I don't just give out my info to everyone.
    Got no need of keeping the fact that I play a secret, that's kinda silly in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves View Post
    They aren't friends if they judge you on something like that. Real friends wouldn't give a shit. Unless you play so much its bad for your health.
    Pretty much this. If you are too embarrassed to let your friends know you play, you may want to invest in some new friends.

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    Depends on who I'm talking to. I've made some friends online that have become some of my best friends IRL.

    It's a case by case basis imo.

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    Well not exactly like you keep it I suppose. I do it for work related reasons - I simply don't want to be associated with online gaming for professional appearances as even hookers and doing coke seems at times more socially accepted so I don't tend to run around and post facebook/linkedin/realid and whatever information to anyone that asks online. Currently there isn't even a person anymore in my guild that knows my last name except for the guild master.
    I have a couple of close irl friends that I know from wow or other online games though and most people I consider to be more than an acquaintance should be aware that I am playing wow.

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    I do that aswell, I even have 2 different Facebook profiles - One with pictures,real life friends,family,etc etc and one without any pictures,information,real life friends,family and exclusively only people I know from WoW or other games, but mostly WoW. As for Real Id, I do not give it to anyone, however I do give away my BattleTag to anyone that asks.

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    I only give my real I'd out to IRL friends (very close ones) and family members.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bombadrol View Post
    I've been vague I think.. what I really am trying to say, is that I'm keeping my WoW part of me, secrect, like it's embarrasing. It's like a secrect I keep from my irl friends and family. It's like a big secrect... I can't write more because my friend can't see I'm on an mmo site atm sorry if I'm still being vague... I'm pretty sure I am... X)
    social stigma is a hell of a thing. you have to come to terms with it yourself.

    real friends take you as you are.
    fake friends make fun of you because you play video games.

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    Me. Have guildies I've been with going on 4 years. To this day, they don't even know what area of the planet I live on.
    9 out of 10 people agree that in a room full of 10 people one person will always disagree with the other 9.

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    I keep my real life info secret but not because I'm afraid of what my RL friends would think, but because I don't trust people online. Simple as that. Only people that know who I am are my siblings who play and my one RL friend that I got into the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bombadrol View Post
    To cut it in neon - I LOVE WoW and have prolly played 500 hours or something... but it would be the most embarrasing thing for me if a guilde posted a WoW-related thing on my facebook... (the reason why I don't give my facebook.... I tell guild that I don't have a facebook, eventhough I almost love them, and have been playing with them since 2006)
    Why would it embarrass you so much?

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    When you're in the business of controversy, you keep your in-game, forums, and rl seperate.
    "Oh, who does my hair? You might have heard of my stylist. It's called the Void!"

    "No matter how much you plead I will not sprout tentacles or turn into a giant eyeball. Well, I might. But not because you asked!"

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    haha, my guild name (used to be bank guild but now leveling it up with some real life friends) is MTSU Economics, so anybody in the middle Tennessee area know a little bit about me right off the bat. I am not too protective, I act on wow like I do in real life. I try my best to be polite, respectful and courteous to other people. I don't think I have made any enemies in game, so I am not too worried about somebody coming to find me. I look at it if somebody hunts me down in real life from info they got from playing WOW with me, God is saying it is my time to go!

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    500 hours? since 2006? so like 2 hours a week?

    yea, you're out of game friends would really get on your case about that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bombadrol View Post
    I keep all my irl info hidden... while all these guildes have already connected via facebook etc. I still keep my info secret.

    I do this, because I have some very close irl friends, whom I know would think that being so close to online friends would be very very weird.

    In short - I keep the ammount of time I spend on WoW + the level of socializing and attachment to people I met online totally secrect to friends & family.
    I generally don't give out ANY real life information when online.
    Only exception is online stores which need my credentials for purchases.

    Everything else is done via nick name, yes even my facebook profile.

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    I'm still trying to figure out why you're so ashamed that you play WoW. Video games are bigger than ever and a huge percentage of the population plays them in some form. At this point they'll probably think it's weirder you had a hidden WoW habit for over 6 years than the fact that you play it.

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    I am EXTREMELY tired of how social we're 'required' to be these days, so when i am gaming it's more like a relief from all that. Sure, I'm a little introverted, so that also plays in, and I've also had a rather nasty experience involving some stalkiness so I basically just let only the very few close friends know. And I am the same also with irl friends, not nearly all have a clue.

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    My guildies used to know my name, but I wouldn't accept them on Facebook or anything. Same as you, my friends would've thought it was weird to talk to people online as mates. I also wanted to keep the fact that I played WoW a secret, as did my other mate. I succeeded at it, also, for 5 years! Haha. We always used to joke and mock WoW so people wouldn't suspect stuff. Thinking about it now we were like Dexter haha.

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