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    I'd just like it if it was a two-seater.

    "Hey, wanna ride my Love Rocket? It's huge!"

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    This is already the lowest drop rate for a mount in the game. Only the Deathcharger's Reins used to be even comparable, and that you could farm five times an hour all year round. This is 14 times per year.

    Anyone who says it should be even rarer isn't someone I can take seriously. As for it being "fine" that the mount for one holiday event has a drop rate roughly a hundred times lower than the mounts for all of the other holiday events - that's something I just can't agree with, or even fathom. If Blizzard didn't want a whole lot of people riding pink rockets around, they damn well shouldn't have added a rideable pink rocket in the first place.

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    no rocket this year... again

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    did it every day this year, and 5 times a day last year. rare drop is rare drop - and RNG is RNG - my friend got it last year, first time he ever did the thing, first chance last year. It happens. He does not want it on his worgen, and my gnomes would have loved it . C'est la vie.

    It is something I hope Blizz never changes though, to have one rare mount the bed wetters cannot have just because they want it makes a change. There is always next year, only 50 weeks to go

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