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    WeakAuras Issue

    I'm just trying to display a simple icon for when Heroism/Ancient Hysteria/Time Warp is up (buff on me). I have many other icons that do the exact same thing working perfectly fine, but this one just doesn't want to work. This is what I have things set to:

    Type: Aura
    Aura Name: Heroism, or Ancient Hysteria, or Time Warp
    Unit: Player
    Aura Type: Buff

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    do you have the aura name all in the same text box? if you do it wont work, everytime you enter a new aura another box will appear below it to allow for a secondary trigger

    if that is not the case then you can use mine:

    but you will have to adjust the appearance to suit your need :P

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    yeah, i have each aura name set to their own individual text boxes. ill try yours the next time i get online, thanks!

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    I have one that is setup for all of them and sometimes it doesn't show up. This mainly occurs when multiple people use their respective abilities at the same time and it bugs out and can't decide which to actually display.

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    your aura works for me space ducky! thank you thank you

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