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    "How Was Your Day" Chat Thread

    Please use this thread to talk about how your day went, vent about anything you want, or talk about anything you really want too.


    Alright I'll start. So today I woke up at like 9:30, which is kind of late lol, I'm used to being up at 5:45 but Fridays are special. I messed around on computer for a while, took a bath and all that, and drove to school a little early. I actually got a decent spot lol. Theology class was a boring lecture and a little group work in the end. I hate my group lol. Quantum class was okay.

    Did some lab work and drove home, parents decided to go out for dinner with me. I got an expensive porthouse for two people that I ate alone lol (but it was the only thing I ate all day, I usually don't eat until dinner).

    Now here's the annoying part. I got an email from an REU (summer research internship thing you apply to at colleges around the US) saying they didn't get my transcript and my letter of recommendation. My school front office is fucking slow and I got mad and texted some angry comments about school to some friends. And my teacher didn't send his letter? Wtf. I bought that guy a bagel as a thank you too!

    Anyway, came home and am doing nothing. I'm officially on Spring Break.

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    shit dude

    i worked hella ot today but i had some really nice dota2 games and that really made my day much better

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    Woke up at 11am, made lunch, salmon with sweet brown bavarian mustard + sweet potatoes and salad (sour cabbage, tomatoes, lettuce).

    Drank soy orange juice.

    Then I did the dishes and went to my room. Browsed 4chan, youtube and mmochamp. At night I went out for a walk.
    I received the Box from House M.D all series I was waiting, and that's it.

    Still up and doing nothing, I should probably just go to sleep...

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    I'm very tired today -- I'm attending a 2-week intensive class at work, and it a) starts waaay too early (especially given my hour-long commute) and b) is a ton of work. It's an awesome class, though, and it'll definitely help me in the future; I'm just so tired

    On the other hand, I'm now sitting on my couch in my pajamas curled up with my laptop, good tea, and my favorite blanket, watching tv and talking to friends. Totally what I need to relax.

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    Turned in a job application. Now the waiting begins.

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    Ya today was unproductive for me. I was gonna go see Die Hard but that would mean eating out and I can't eat out two days in a row, way too unhealthy. I stayed home and played some video games. It was hard to do much because both my Mom and step dad are home today and it's annoying.

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    I'm so fucking mad. Mom is home today and it's sort of preventing me from working out the way I want because she wants to put the heat up, but that makes it 50x harder for me to work out since the heat just pumps in the basement. And then the DVD player setup my step dad set up for this thing isn't working and not even my bitch labtop is working so I'm super fucking mad. I hate these people.

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    Woke up at 9:50AM, started on homework. Went to go eat at around 1:30PM with the family, came back, and homewooork time! Still working on it and procrastinating occasionally.

    Missed 4 days of school, so I've got quite the back log (I'm in high school).
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    Woke up at 9am, read till 11am, went out with girlfriend till 2, gym until 3, wrote until 7, talked with friends/other small things around the place until 8, started work and kept on until 1am, played an hour of Temple Run while listening to music, slept at 2am. Yesterday, and now today again. Yurp.
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    Wanna get some sleep at work but people wont let me

    Been playing Tera all weekend long, so addictive.

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    Woke up at 5:30, took my usual hour to get ready, headed off for school (tardy bell rings at 7:15 for first period), managed to make it through the school day, gathering heaps and heaps of make up work (Missed 4 days last week), and now I'll be starting that here in a few minutes.

    So far not a bad day though.


    Passed out at 7:00 pm before finishing homework, woke up at 10:30 pm, probably won't go back to sleep seeing as I normally get up at 5, and I have ridiculous amounts of homework to do.

    Go tiredness...
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    Woke up at like 8 since it's Spring Break. Worked out for like 2 hours or 2.5 or some shit. Did basically nothing else all day. Spent a lot of time emailing back and forth with my research professor lol. I gotta go in to school tomorrow all day...During spring break...To work in lab. ZZZ. It's gonna be mostly boring wait work too.

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    want to sleep at school but my teacher is too annoying. went home got no food on fridge. just an ordinary hungry boring day

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    I...did things today. Yep things

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    How was my day? Up at 5:30 am, shower, feed da doggies, walk them, drive to train, take train into downtown Chicago, go to work...

    ...long day as usual. But I do love my job.

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    what do you do dars, I have to ask.

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    I got angry at some tourists who kept looking up.

    Just read this sentence every day from now until the day I die and you will know how my day went.

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    Woke up early and went to lab for a couple of hours. The experiment just didn't work so lol...I came home a little early. Took a kind of nap on the couch for like 30 mins or so where I just nodded in and out. Did nothing all day.

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    Woke up at 5:30 like usual, got to school, realized it was a half-day (Teachers had to stay for a TAKS/STAAR workshop, students got to leave at 11:20). went to a friends house, watched people scream over LoL matches, and then went to lunch, and done nothing since, well except homework.
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    Hmm..Went to sleep at 3AM woke up at 6AM Took my grandmother to work, Dropped Bella off at the vet to have her bladder stone removed, Came home around 9AM, Played Guild Wars 2 till about noon, Went back to sleep at 1PM woke up at 6PM, watch TV for a bit, Play 3DS for a bit, Browse the internet, and finally back to GW2 while browsing mmochamp.

    Not a very exciting day to say the least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blood fox View Post
    what do you do dars, I have to ask.
    I'm a senior software engineer. I work with the clients on their requirements, design the architecture, and then actually do the coding, minimal testing, and wait for testing feedback before deploying.

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