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    Gosh. Parents went out today so I wake up at like 8. Do my usual morning routine, work out for only one set (I thought I saw a fucking spider, creeped me out.)

    This girl from my study group for my theology class is emailing me. Basically 3 members from our group are fucking worthless (as I knew they'd be). So this girl is asking me if I heard from them. I say no. Then she's telling me that we should "tattle to the teacher like in grammar school" and tell him we're basically 2 manning our group. Bitch is trippin, I don't even know how to respond to that. I doubt my teacher would even give a fuck, he'd probably blame it on us for not making them participate (even though I emailed them...)

    Trying to get some homework done. Watching some episodes of a certain thing online today too while working.

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    Been so fucking tired in the past days, I can barely move my body. Today was just an usual day of weekend. My schedule allowed me to relax a little bit more:
    -wake up around 9am
    -"shit i overslept"
    -eat breakfast at mcdonalds
    -japanese classes afterwards
    -japanese classes are over, got home
    -chill on some Electric Wizard
    -eat dinner
    -skype convo

    I will hang up and go to sleep.

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    I have things to do but I can't be damned to do most of them. Today, for instance: I could've done more to work on my portfolio, but I spent most of the day playing, heh. At least I've been drawing every day, which was a personal goal of mine at the beginning of the year. I wish I had proper motivation to do more.

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    I just got over a cold that lasted nearly 4 days

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    Took a certification test to get certified as an editor....failed along with the entire sucks.

    On the bright side I got some cream soda ^.^

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    Woke up at 2 pm

    Went outside, helped pick up the fallen limbs and stuff (We just trimmed the trees) and threw them onto the burn pile and got the fire started up again so they burnt.

    Starting on the process to level the shed (It's off balance right now, trying to get it to not lean), helped dig the two holes under the foundation we need, one of them has a jack in it already, but the other one isn't deep enough to put a jack in so will finish that tomorrow.

    And relaxed!
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    I woke up like usual 6.30 am, ate a sandwhich, went to school. Got a seat on the bus (cheers) ^^.
    I've been studing for my math test the entire day and I missed lunch! and now I'm so fucking hungry

    I'm free later today, already done all my work so I'll be taking it easy for the rest of the day. I might play some Tera when I get home (that game is so addictive).
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    I taped up a window in my house because a bird has been slamming it's head into it three days in a row and stopping me from sleeping. Supposedly birds won't try to fly through a window if it isn't clear. We'll see today...

    On a positive note, I had some amusing conversations with random Gamestop workers and bought Heart of the Swarm. I've been enjoying that for the last couple hours till Blizz shut it down for maintenance. I can't grab my achieves in offline play so I'll probably just go to bed soon.
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    Busy day as usual. Slept at like 2:30 last night and woke up 6:10 today. Was kind of tired, but I got to school early and I bought a bagel (since lack of sleep). Took an Italian midterm, was pretty easy, not to jynx myself though. Then went through other classes from 7-1:45. At 1:45 met with someone and got randomly offered a summer job with him doing research...In the middle east lol. I said I'd think about it. 2 o' clock went to an Italian movie event (I have to do 2 this semester) with a friend, was super annoying. Ended at 3:15. Then went to meet research professor, discussed some stuff. Went to computer lab from 3:50-4:30, drove to pick step dad up and got home around 5:20. Ate dinner and relaxed a little, told Mom about offer (lol) and here I am now. Gonna try to get a little work done and then get some deserved sleep.

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    Exams went horrible. But the girl i like shows more intrest in me. So an average day in my life i'd say =)

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    Well, Spring Break is over, back to school today, teachers ignored the general protests of the students and decided it was a work day, so did a bunch of work at school. Got some homework, about to start on that, all in all a decent day so far though.
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    I've been sick and coughing for a few days, had to cancel an interview last minute today Tomorrow should be fun, though; my friend who's now an assistant professor is coming to give a talk at work! Should be a nice chance to see him and show him around.

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    In school now killing time. I have an Italian "tutoring" session from 11-12. Just gonna go talk to the guy lol, I don't need tutoring but its required for class. Then have Bible class 12-1:40. I'm gonna try to leave a little bit early.

    Then gonna pick up step dad and pick up Mom and drive to Maryland lol. Tomorrow I'm giving a poster presentation at a physics conference. (Wish me luck!) I still have to reread info and practice.

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    Pretty good wife is home so I spent the day with her raided for a bit got a Thunderforged Helm and now were watching some reality show she enjoys.

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    My day was filled with procrastinating studying Japanese for a test on Monday and also procrastinating writing an essay that's due on wed.
    But the lock guy finally came so now the lock on my front door works again.

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    Well, been getting my nose down to the grindstone, grades go in friday for the 9 weeks.

    Got about 3 hours of sleep last night (took a 1.5 hour nap from 6:00pm to 8:30pm, and fell asleep at about 4:15 am in the morning, woke up at about 5:30 am).

    8:45pm to 3:30 am ish was doing buttloads of Calculus homework, plus a project, and then 3:30 am to 4:00 am was music theory.

    Calc test and comp sci test tomorrow, back to studying!
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    So yesterday. Woke up at 6. Got ready in bathroom and stuff and so did step dad. Walked over to conference from skywalk (my hotel was connected to convention center) and registered at 7. Went back to room, chilled a little, ate a croissant and frappachino from Starbucks, went back to the conference and listened to a couple of talks and talked to some graduate school kiosks.

    Around 10:30 went back to the hotel room, got dressed and shaved and took bath, wore shirt and tie, and 12-5 I stood up in place next to poster presenting, standing with good posture, and trying to smile. It was exhausting because only like 10 people stopped by in the 5 hours. Then I went to hotel and parents had car ready and spent 4 hours driving back to New York, had some sandwich they got me for the road, and went to sleep like 10 O clock. Woke up a bit ago and have to get ready for a super long day.

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    Had a rough day. I'm worried about this REU situation, I've never shared a room or apartment or stayed away from home...

    And lol I spent all day studying for a quantum test, went and took a theology quiz, then got raped by quantum test. Today was a bad day, I didn't feel like my usual monster egotistical self. I felt was really sad. Still is. I feel so horrible that I didn't meet my own expectations to crush quantum class average on the test. I probably did around average at the mercy of a curve.

    :/ feel so devastated mentally. Monday is both a Psychology and Analytical Mechanics midterm. I have to try and use this weekend to study a lot and crush both of those tests, and then basically the week is over and I have Easter break.

    ./sigh I miss my confidence.

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    Lots of procrastination over the last week, but knocked out (most of...) my homework with remarkable efficiency. I was feeling pretty bleh until I re-watched a let's play of Journey that I particularly like. The emotional impact of that game never lessens; makes me wish I had a PS3.

    Feeling on top of the world right now. Serene.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blueobelisk View Post
    ./sigh I miss my confidence.
    Punch a tourist. Always brightens my day.

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