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    Taking the AP Music Theory test tomorrow.....shit I'm not prepared.

    The test is harder than the AP Calculus test....(which admittedly, was fairly easy, but meh)

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    Well, finally that's over with!

    Test was 6 hours long, from 8 AM to 2 PM, but man I'm so fucking happy to be done!!!!!

    Probably got a 2 or a 3 on the test.
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    very good because i spend my half and more time with my friend

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    Terrible day, work seemed to last forever.

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    Good. Busy with the launch of my game though!

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    Unpacked and added 80 chromebooks to the inventory, can't wait until tomorrow when it's time to.. unpack 100 more. </3 I wish I'd get more exciting assignments at work.

    Ah well, time to listen to my precious kpop until I'm going to sleep, maybe even play some Chivalry!
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    Worked on analysing some more excel macros, in VBA code.

    Excited that tomorrow is friday.
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    I had toast for breakfast, it was good.

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    Sat at work bored out of my mind counting the hours till home time, rest of the week off so it's time to get some serious gaming in!

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    Same, as always. The same office building, the same cubicle, the same buzzing computer monitor, the same annoying Employees and the same aggravating Boss. Soldiers fight for our freedom and I get up every morning just to stare at the same blue-carpeted wall. We're all hamsters in one giant hamster wheel. I'll bring an assault rifle with me one day (kidding).
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    Woke up with a sore throat which forebodes me getting sick soon. Most likely will have a fever+flu running tonight or tomorrow morning. FML.

    I guess I'll make a pre-emptive visit to the apothecary before I head home....

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    grumpy, allergies are killing me, wanna go home :*(

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    Spent the entire day at work just duplicating HDDs. That was my single assignment of the day, duplicating these hard drives takes about an hour, maybe a bit more, and we only have one duplicator ;_; Just sat there updating mmo-c on my phone all day.

    Got home to play WoW with a friend, a PvPer who hasn't played much at all since cata. In a full group decked out in heirloom gear at level 30 and he goes "mop so easy".

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    Got up at about 12:30 let my dogs out, feed them, made food, cleaned up, sat down for a few hours, Console gamed, Went on steam,played gmod hl2rp. Went to be. Got up, took a piss, went to sleep got up, couldnt go back to bed, went on mmo champion. farted...

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    So today, I go into work with a new manager, I've heard terrible things from text from fellow coworkers, but I figure I'll give her a chance, its the least I can do.

    I work at a Subway and I'm normally an opener, but on this GLORIOUS Labor day, I get to go in at 9am.

    So everything is done for the day ~10/11 its labor day, our rush isn't as bad as normal its pretty much "dead" for 6 people, our old manager comes into our shop (promoted and moved to her store, she took ours) I said hey to him and informed that I would be xfer to his store once I started back into school next semester as it would be closer and easier for me.

    She over heard and said "Great I can't wait". I shrug it off and as I was heading back to work she yells at me to get to work, but there is literally nothing to do at this point so I walk over other register and pre-ring a customer who is 1/2 done getting their Sub made, she looks at me and says "Do you need me to find you something to do" and I tell her no I'm ringing this customer up, thanks though.

    She didn't like this and and started to bring up an event about earlier up, which referenced me telling her that I alone, can not run the "drive thought" and "front line"(Ringing people out) at the same time when I have 5+ cars in line and 10+ people in line.

    I stated back, no I'm fine and I can do it when we are not busy, if we have a line outside and a line inside its better to have someone dedicated to each position, to get orders and out people out faster.

    She said "We're not going to argue about this, because I'll win"
    I stated back "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't think we were having an argument, I was just informing you of that previous statement, that I had made earlier, that held true to that situation."
    She snapped back "Don't talk back to me, I'll send you home, right now"
    I stated back "My bad, like I said I'm not trying to talk back or argue, I was just trying to inform you of that situation, sorry."

    Now about a min or two later, I get a call from my DM (District Manager) and I'm in the back, and it's dead, I pick it up, its my DM he is my boss and my bosses boss, I talk to him about the situation because he called and asked me whats going on, I inform him and he tells me not to leave or anything (They've been attempting to promote me to a manager level for sometime now, but I decline all the time due to school being more important than a few more $ on a paycheck).

    She comes up to me and ask me, "so are you going to clock out and leave or what?"
    I said "No, (DM's Name) told me not to leave and he'll deal with it later"
    She looked me dead in the eyes and stared at me for a good min then said "Well either you're leaving or I am"

    I shrugged at her and she walked out.

    After that we had her leave and another (because of her and it was her ride to work) so we were down to 4 people and go "slammed".

    Was such a busy afternoon/evening, but I have to say, it was pretty great.

    I have a meeting with My DM, VP and CVP and Her tomorrow.
    (Vice Pres and Co-Vice Pres)

    It should be fun, PS: VP and CVP love me and are the ones that want to promote me as well!

    Haha, one of my best Labor Days so far!

    Then went home started up some Full Metal (just started watching it) then worked out a bit and posted this. Great day so far, truly!

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    Well until now, perfectly! And in the afternoon i gonna go out wiht my friends, so its seems to go continue perfect

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    My day has been really good thank you for asking!

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    The day only just begun but so far it is not going badly it is raining outside but i dont mind i like the rain. Am planning to play some AC2 or 3 in a bit so yay ^^

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    A day with a lot of surprises

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    Pretty good day for a Monday. Had a pop AP Human test, and passed with a perfect score. Hopefully tomorrow is even better!

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    Fine, very hot and humid though.

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