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    [PTR] Any Tips on Defeating Kanrethad?

    Does anybody have any tips on defeating this guy? So far i've been DPSing him to get embers in beginning then enslaving the Pit Lord and using him. I use the charge on CD and in line with my Chaos Bolts for 100% extra damage, then i've been using breath for the imps (which doesn't seem to kill him). I've also been LoSing his Chaos Bolts using my gateway as transport.

    Also if I log off while in the scenario do I have to do it all over again?

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    1st for talents.
    Use Soul Leech, Sacrificial Pact and GoSac.
    Sacrifice the void for Shadow Bulwark.
    2nd for Waves.
    Pitlord -> enslave
    Imps -> aoe Move pit lord on top of them and use /pet attack for the splash attack +breath (use demonic gateaway to reset aggro on you)
    Felhunter -> move pitlord far away (on the other side of the room) and nuke them down (Havoc first one chaos bolt second (could use shadowfury talent)
    Doomguard -> Banish

    About Pitlord. Use charge ONLY to interupt cataclysm
    Use breath to dispell you (it can dispell everything from use + the boss(priority dispelling you)
    He has 1 more spell that heals the target for 300k (this is your heal preferably using to top you before or after a chaos bolt)

    The main idea is that you have 1st avoid RoF, dispell debuffs from you via pitlord as i mentioned b4, tank chaos bolts. In order to tank chaos bolts you should have build a decent shield from Soul Leech + use sacrificial pact (feel free to rotate Shadow Bulkwark and Unending Resolve). For example : 1st chaos bolt-> Sacrificial Pact+Sbadow Bulkwark , 2nd Sacrificial Pact+Unending Resolve, 3rd Sacrificial Pact+hs , 4rth Sacrificial Pact+Shadow Bulkwark etc. And nuke as much as possible.

    Again for Imps , position your Pitlord close to his summon gate, aoe as hard as possible , and use demonic gateaway and Soulshatter to keep low aggro on you (they hurt)

    For me, after using the first demon soul , i would keep the second one for felhunters as they dispell enslave from Pitlord.Remember to move him as far as possible (close to stairs) while you stay close to the gate if not at center.

    Wait until he does all the dots on you (immolate SoC, Doom) then use your Pitlord's breath on you.

    Sorry for the messy order I did this quite a long time ago

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    For both the Imp and Doomguard waves you can use Demonic Gateway to just make your pit lord tank them. I made macros where Fel Flame Breath would target the wild imps and just pressed that on cooldown and completely ignored all the adds except for Fel Hunters.

    Chaos bolts are easily livable with just Sacrificial Pact, I saved using additional cooldowns (Shadow Bulwark \ Unending Resolve) for times when my health wasn't topped off before a chaos bolt.

    With the health increase that they put in, it is highly likely that the fight will go longer then the duration of enslave demon, I made a macro that auto targets the pitlord, dismiss pet, and then casts enslave demon so I could quickly refresh the duration of enslave demon. The best time to redo enslave is during the Doomguard wave when there really isn't a whole lot going on.

    For talents
    Soul Leech - As long as you don't screw anything up too bad this is more then enough to keep you topped off
    Shadowfury - Being able to stun the Imps \ Fel hunters is far more useful then the small Mortal Coil heal.
    Sacrificial Pact - Up for every chaos bolt, basically required to just soak them
    Burning rush - Great for if you stop paying attention and start falling into a black hole....
    Grimoire of Sacrifice - You don't lose the GoSac buff when you enslave demon, basically required since you can't use a normal pet
    KjC - Lots of movement in this fight, especially if your like me and just ignored dispelling the seed dots.
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