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    Not going to lie wow needs a proper tutorial badly. You can get to 90 clueless about most of this game...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilly32 View Post
    Which teaches you what about the game?
    The game does have a tutorial. In the form of pop-up messages that tell you what the new stuff is and how to work it out. Everyone who logs in for the first time have they enabled by default. Pop-ups that appear when you level up for the first time, when you target something for the first time, etc, etc...
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    You're claiming one of the main concerns of NPC design is "how would a class based on this NPC play like?"
    An NPC that could be a potential class. Yes.
    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post
    You are actually saying Lightforged Draenei lose their ability to pilot a mech when arriving on Azeroth.
    Until otherwise indicated, that would be the indication.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kharli View Post
    it has a tutorial.
    1-90 IS the Tutorial.
    Fixed that for you.

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