View Poll Results: Which healer is best for BG and RBG?

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  • Druid

    7 20.00%
  • Monk

    6 17.14%
  • Paladin

    6 17.14%
  • Priest

    4 11.43%
  • Shaman

    12 34.29%
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    Bump for new poll.

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    For random BGs i'd go Druid, but for rated BGs i'd go MW Monk. Gonna put my vote on Druid cause it's probably the most fun.

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    Druid is great harassing (No CD Cyclone or roots), very good and fun mobility and can't be slowed with all the forms, Displacer Beast is quite fun, very good if you like to see your name on top of the scoreboard and it has arguably the best OS for RBG's from all the healers.

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    I don't get why paladins are so low. They have good heals (a lot of which are instant cast), decent mana regen/regain, a wide variety of defensive CDs, they do decent damage (more than a disc priest or Rshaman), have plenty of CC... they have everything but an offensive dispel... anyway... my vote goes to them... I simply do not die on my hpally... I use all her tools to their fullest potential though (even turn evil which is very underrated)...

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    It seems as though Shaman is best if you have a friend or two. And Paladin or Druid if you are solo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yaraza View Post
    I don't get why paladins are so low.... they have everything but an offensive dispel...
    That is a big reason why I wanted to make a Priest or Shaman. I like to debuff or weaken enemies as well as heal. I also like to buff allies.

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    I have made a 90 Paladin, a 86 Druid, a 85 Priest, a 38 Shaman, and a 36 Monk. I can say so far that Paladins seem to have everything but they lack in heal amount and no Purge or Dispel. Druids seem to have almost no burst DPS healing and no Purge or Dispel. Priest has almost everything except good crowd control (Fear is nice, but with a long cooldown and easily broken) and their mana consumption is high while their mana regeneration is low. Shaman seems to have everything except instant heals and their only crowd control spell has a high cooldown. And lastly, Monk seems to have pretty much everything except no Purge or Dispel and heals seem to be stronger than Paladins but requires you to cast the long channeling spell to perform. So far it seems that as healing in concerned it goes Shaman > Monk > Druid > Paladin > Priest. Utility seems to be Paladin > Druid > Monk > Priest > Shaman. This is what I have seen so far. I may level up all the healer classes to 90 and see what they each bring.

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    It seems as though Shaman has won the vote. I am also working on a SC2 map that is a third person shooter mixed with RPG and survival. I don't know if I'll continue playing WoW.

    It seems like this...
    Druid: Battlegrounds but more for Arena 2v2 or 3v3.
    Monk: Battlegrounds but more for Arena 5v5.
    Paladin: Slightly for Battlegrounds but mostly for all Arenas.
    Priest: Slightly for Battlegrounds but mostly for all Arenas.
    Shaman: Best for Battlegrounds and Arena 5v5.

    Am I correct?
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