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    Lv85 Rogue Weapon & Spec Question

    Hi, tried to solved my problem via Shadowcraft, but it didnt worked. Cant show the dps.

    My Rogue: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...nowee/advanced

    My first question is: What spec should I play at Lv85?
    At the moment I'm playing Combat for Singletarget & Multitarget. To my knowledge Assassination was pretty strong at lv85, but Im not sure if the Spec was overall strong or only strong because of the Legendary Daggers.

    My 2nd question is:
    Should I equip twice Fist of Fate with Living Steel enchant & reforged expertise into haste?


    Should I equip Golad with Living Steel enchant & Fist of Fate with Living Steel enchant & reforged expertise into haste into the offhand?

    Thanks in Advance

    P.S: If you ask why I play a Lv85 Rogue, I dont know actually :3. I dont PvP with him & I dont raid with Lv85 only. I guess, its about the playstyle.

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    I'm going to assume for the moment you're not planning to level, and asking about 85 as a level cap - primarily from your gear and end statement. If I'm wrong, please let us know, because I think most people will probably assume the same.


    Fresh armory import of your character into Shadowcraft, I'm showing you at 82.3k DPS. I'm not sure how to pull up the legendary daggers, since I can't grab them from the drop-down list right now, but as I recall assassination was only ahead because of the legendary daggers - and with 450 weapons, the damage increase base should both outdamage the legendary daggers, and put combat well ahead of assassination.


    ^ double fist of fate, double dancing steel, reforged. I have you at 84k DPS, and well over the natural capabilities at 85.

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    Thanks, and yes I'll stay at Lv85.

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    450 weapons were worth switching for us at 90 because of the nerfed proc rate on the daggers for the content we were interested in. If they proc'd at the rate they were after 5.0 in DS as assassination, I'm not sure if 450s would be better. Though I believe the proc rate goes down based on what you are hitting and not your own level, so that would depend on what he is doing.

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    Well, if he's using 450 fist weapons, he's going to be combat, and 5.0 slapped combat in the face, as far as fangs goes. He'd be FAR better off with 450 fist weaps as combat.

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