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    Elemental needs help on "The Lion Roars"

    My fellow shamans,

    I have never ever played pvp, and now I'm forced to do it for the stupid quest "The Lion Roars". I am elemental/resto with an ilvl of 493, all pve gear. I have not a single piece of pvp-gear. I need some advice to survive and win those two BGs.

    First of all, which spec? My pvp-guildies said to me: "Don't go as elemental without gear. You will always be dead. Always." Ok, so should I go as a healer? "As a healer, you will always be focussed and dead."

    Great. What now? Can you help me a bit, ele or resto? And some basic survival tips?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would go as resto. As ele, you're not going to be able to contribute very much without the necessary PvP power to punch through the enemy team's resilience. You probably wouldn't die much as ele simply because you wouldn't put out enough damage to threaten anyone enough for them to pay attention to you. If you really do want to go as ele, spend your time attempting to complete objectives rather than killing people. In temple, try to pay attention to when orbs drop and get there ASAP. Kill orb carriers, as you won't need PvP power to kill them. Don't bother trying to kill healers or peel from your orb carriers. In mines, try to be the first one at a cart when it respawns, and then use T-storm, earthgrab, etc. to try to keep enemies away from the carts.

    If you go as resto, you will spend of a lot of time dead, it's true. But even healers with lots of resilience will often spend a lot of time dead. If you get focused by 2+ people with gear and no one peels for you, no amount of resil will save you. My advice would be to spend the time before the BG starts inspecting everyone. Find the DPS with the best looking PvP gear and/or the highest achievements (Hero of the H/A, Glad, 2200+ arenas, etc.) and attach yourself to them like a limpet. Follow them everywhere and make sure they get used to having you near them. A good PvP DPS will often notice healers tagging along with them and will actually peel for them. Works all the time for me on my shaman. Melee plate classes are especially good for this, since you can use your roots, CCs, and defensive dispels to help them stay on their targets and get kills. Plate melee also tend to have very good peels (charges, DG, HoF, etc.).

    Honestly, though, I did all of this when I was working on my legendary, and it still took me 6 queues of mines and 7 of temple to get a win on horde. I'm a Hero of the Horde with a smattering of PvP gear for this season, and I watched team after team crush us, despite all my little tricks. So you do what you can, but in the end it's all going to rely on how good the rest of your team is.
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    just chain queue them over n over, i pvp with ilvl 507 pve gear, ofc 1 pvp geared melee kills me in 1-5 seconds but i still have 70+ wins in each, sometimes you'll have close games, sometimes u'll have zero chance and sometimes you'll win even if you was afk.

    so basically the more games you play the sooner you'll get 1 win in each.

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    I did the same... went in to both in pve gear. What choice do we have really...

    I play alliance and I found Mines to be the hardest one to win. It takes a coordinated group and
    that's something you don't always see in bgs. Just keep at it until you get a good group or a lucky win.

    Temple was the easy one by far. Heal your orb carriers, use the environment to LOS the opposing team.
    Kill the enemy orb carriers, keep the healers on lockdown. I got this one in 3 goes... about 15 for mines.

    Good luck, and the biggest thing I can tell you... If you come across one of those "holierthanthouPVPkids"
    and they rant on about your pve gear in a pvp situation. Remind them it's blizzard who's forcing us to do
    this, we're not here by choice LOL. (it's true ain't it xD)
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    Even better is to check and see whether one of your friends has PvP gear. Queue together and stay with him/her. It's more fun and easier

    For temple, stay in group. If your group's in the middle, use earth shield on one of the carriers (preferably one that hasn't a 75% healing reduction) and don't use spirit link when a person with an orb is inside it (they take more damage, so the link will kill everyone in it.)

    For mines, just follow any group. Don't try to take a cart alone or with just 2. the rest is just like raid healing, really. If people die, pop CD's, if you're dying, place earth shield on yourself and spam heals (and hope you don't get interrupted :P)
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    I went resto myself, even if you're in pve or pvp gear, random bg's the alliance and horde are just as stupid as each other. Tunnel vision, tunnel vision everywhere.

    Here's how I did it:

    1: Join bg
    2. Pick the guy with decent gear, if they're a warrior or a mage, all the better.
    3: focus target them
    4: tell them they've officially gained a heal bitch for this bg
    5: stick to them like glue, stay out of eyeshot of the enemies if you can and just LoS heal them, or pop out to heal when you need to.
    6: Hopefully they should have enough impact to swap the odds in your favour (If they actually play the bg properly instead of just charging at enemies for KB's like a total simpleton)
    7: ?????
    8: Quest done.

    think I got lucky and I got a mage who was very skilled at what they do and the pair of us managed to swap the game in our favour in the silvershard mines, defending properly and such.
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    I went thru a flash back of anguish and pain the day I tried to do this for the 1st time. You see, some times people find a way to game the system into pitting fully coordinated, gladiator geared players against complete random people with all sorts of non pvp gear on. The result is a mind boggling massacre that makes you think winning a bg is impossible.

    Then I figured, I just wait till this bastards go to sleep. Fast foward saturday night past midnight and boom! one take for the first and 2 takes for the secong.

    The truth about pvp is, if no one is cheating, the game is 50/50 odds.

    Oh, I had a fully epic Enhancement set (486ish when I did those bgs) and I went with my full blue resto set any way. Resto is so strong in pvp its not even funny. Enhancement just gets blown to peaces too easely.

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    I know it's 3 days late ... but haven't heard back from the OP.

    Don't worry about pvp gear. Even if you had a full honor set you'd still be at a gear disadvantage against a significant number of players.

    Resto in Temple. Most randoms I've had in there start with a big dust up in the middle that ends 30s or so later with one side wiped and the other largely intact. Match is pretty much over at that point. Resto CDs (HTT, SLT, ascendance, heroism*) can be invaluable in that initial scrum.

    Either spec in mines. Thunderstorm is pretty effective in there. BG can be more about keeping people CC'd then actually killing them. Lots of TS, Earthgrab, Capacitor, Hex. Also, try to encourage your team to focus lava and water. Alliance in particular has a habit of allocating too much of it's team to stone, which is generally a losing strategy.

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    I really suggest going as resto and just picking a pretty good partner to follow around and just heal them if you're lucky you will be placed in a good group. If u go in as ELE without PVP gear you will just get trained twice as hard as we alrdy do especially by all MDPS and b ready to be globaled by 70k+ crits and im being generous with that # really.

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    Thanks to all, I've made it.
    Gone as resto, and sticked to a skilled player, as suggested. Took less than one hour for both BGs.
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