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    [TV] WWE question from an old timer

    I used to watch wwf/wwe about 12-13 years ago and was quite into it, but for whatever reason I stopped and haven't really returned to it since. However a little while ago while channel surfing I saw royal rumble about to start and thought I'd watch it and give it a chance, was actually very surprised to find myself really enjoying it again after all those years.

    Since royal rumble, I've been watching raw, smackdown and the elimination chamber ppv. But recently I've noticed there is actually quite a few more shows that air each week and was wondering whether I've been missing things worth watching.

    I assume a lot of the other shows (I forget the names) are generally filled with matches thrown together featuring background superstars and constant replays of things that happened on recent raw/smackdown/ppv. An example would be like 'wwf heat' I never used to watch.

    My question is what should i be watching week to week? What is missable and what is unmissable?

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    pretty much only thing i would actually watch is gunna be RAW, smackdown tapes on tuesday and u can very easily find the results online by wednsday, maint event is kind of in the same boat if something happens itll be reported either by WWE or someone on bleacher report, and saturday morning slam, almost seems like an equivalent of a saturday morning cartoon.

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    Eh just watch Raw and PPV's

    Main event just catches up on everything during the week so that's good.

    Superstars is utter sh** and Smackdown is meh in comparison to Raw.

    So yeah, Raw and Pay-per-views and maybe main event
    Howay the lads!

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    Ya, I was way into it but about 6 years ago it wasn't very entertaining and then the Chris Benoit murders happened and I stopped watching. I got back into it a couple of years back. I don't watch every week but mainly I watch Raws only with some PPV's thrown in depending on the card.

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    I only watch Raw and PPVs, though Main Event has thrown up a few good matches. Other than that I would recommend NXT, though not WWE canon, the product is superior to most of what they put on TV.
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    There are 6 shows: Raw, Main event, NXT, Superstars, SmackDown and Saturday morning Slam.
    Out of those i would recommend to watch Raw, as everything related to main brand happens there; SmackDown obviously, everything related to sm brand is here; Main event, because of PPV quality matches, and NXT because of very good roster and good matches too.

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