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    Twilight Princess Questions

    So I just received the game and I was wondering if it was slower than Ocarina at the beginning parts? Is it a long Zelda game? How big is the world compared to others? Where would you put it out of all the Zelda games on chart?

    No spoilers please.
    Hey everyone

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    havnt played it in a long time. its a long game thats close to the length of OoT with plenty of side quests/stories. i think it starts kinda slow to be honest. it has forced tutorials. dont want to spoil it but the first third of the game is a bit linear
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    I actually never got around to finishing it. I lost it when I moved and never got it again. Digglett's pretty boss at Zelda knowledge so maybe she'll pop in and tell you what you need to know (cause I'm curious too).

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    Ya I never finished it myself lol. I didn't like being trapped in Wolf form, it kind of depressed me and made me not want to play to be honest.

    What's in the spoilers isn't really a spoiler if you looked at the game cover.

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    Beginning is agonizing slow. It's pretty long if you're out to do everything. World is pretty big but empty for the most part. la>ooa/s>ww>oot>mm>lttp>mc>4sa>tp>ss>1>2>st>ph. Should probably add it's easy as fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk.
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    Weakest Zelda game ever on consoles IMO. Its basically a remake of OoT which is basically a remake of ALttP. (overall game structure)

    Having said that, its still a solid game.

    Someone said its not linear, but every dungeon needs to be completed in a set order. The first 3 hours of the game are slow but it picks up pretty quickly and keeps its pace until the end.

    If you have a gamecube, play Wind Waker if you havn't yet. If you have a Wii, play Skyward Sword if you havn't. Both of these games follow the same Zelda stucture since ALttP, but offer way more gameplay on top of that such as massive exploration in WW and fluid gameplay in SS.

    The music in TP is actually rather good. I especially enjoyed the boss battle music (each one is unique).

    TP is a solid game but it provided nothing 'new' or lasting to the Zelda franchise which is why I rank it fairly low on my listings. They advertised the game to bring in classic LoZ elements such as an optional top-down view and magic, which never made it to release. The ultimate item you get from a sidequest is pretty lackluster as well, similar to past tunics/rings of power but implemented in a goofy and tacky way.

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    It's kind of like your average Zelda, fairly long main game but with the sidequesting taking up most of the time. Twilight Princess is rather linear and slow to begin with in my opinion, at least compared to the earlier games. Lots of forced segments unlike the others allowing you to freely explore once you're out on the big world map more or less. I'll admit I haven't played all the Zelda games, but I'd probably throw Twilight Princess somewhere in the middle, edging towards the lower end of it. It wasn't particularly impressive, but still enjoyable.

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    When talking about these kinds of things, you really need to experience it for yourself. I for one, didn't think the beginning was slow. But since it's highly subjective, I will not go out of my way to disagree with any more of the comments of this thread.

    I have completed the game several times now, and I think it's very well made. Even if it follows the Zelda formula strictly, there are still parts where it innovates and those really stand out. Now, to answer your other questions:

    Is it a long Zelda game? Depends if you want to do everything in the game, or just complete it as fast as possible. I think on average, it's pretty much as long as all other Zelda console games.

    How big is the world compared to others? It's quite big. Some say it feels empty, but I don't really feel a sense of emptyness when I run through it. It adds a layer of immersion. In the real world, things typically aren't as close to eachother like many videogames make it seem... I may be special for having this opinion, but I atleast think it adds to the immersion.

    Where would you put it out of all the Zelda games on chart?
    No chart, but top 3 definitely.

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    The beginning is fairly long until you get to the first temple, while a few early parts are somewhat tedious(as a wolf); the game itself takes longer than OoT does at least, though some of that can be attributed to cutscenes and dialogue since the game itself isn't hard and it's a lot more story driven; the world is bigger than OoT, smaller than WW, but with a lot more things than WW had inside it; MM > OoT = SS > TP >>> WW
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    The beginning just seems slow because it's a Zelda game. The beginning always seems slow, even if it's not. Nothing new gameplay wise, but they did hide the heart pieces in innovative spots.

    Also, start saving up your feels now for the ending. You might need them.

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    if u want a real answer by a zelda veteran like me, there is: this game is amazing, the beginning is not very long, maybe 20 mins and it's not boring imo.
    the game in general is very fun and being in a wolf is not that bad... temples are cool too
    this zelda is better than the new skyward sword imo, i didnt like SS

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    TP's beginning is incredibly slow, more so than OOT.

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    As others have said, the start's slow as hell, but the game gets pretty cool after that. Even watching a speed run it takes like 2 hours to get to the meat of the game, which is a little insane.
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    Nevermind, I though this was about the purple cute horse.

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    Probably the worst Zelda game I've ever tried honestly. I can't really say much positive about it. No magic, no proper music element... Midna... Trying too hard to be dark and gritty... Urgh.

    Oh and yes, it's very slow.

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    when people say that the world is empty, i have to disagree. there are mini-dungeons everywhere (i don't like them myself though) that are just hidden in the empty fields, though mainly the ones you never end up going to. i found that the portal system actually made it a lot more boring and hurt the exploration factor that makes the series great (tp, ww, and ss all were victims of this)

    But aside from that, the game is very fun, the world is huge and filled with enemies, lots of side quests, and i defenately loved the characters more than any other game (ss was a close second on that, groose and zelda were amazing, but i like midna more, plus the towns kids) surprisingly though, i actually found that i kinda liked the wolf scenes, helped the feel of the game out (even though it sucks to manuver in wolf form). also the music is AMAZING, definately much better music than ss. (only song i remember from that one is grooses theme and the goddesses lulaby. tp however, dramatic music everywhere and even the field music is one of my favorites.)

    ss still has it beat in terms of dungeons and bosses though
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    Takes much much longer to get into, about an hour or so before you even set foot in the first temple. Compared to OoT, which takes like 5 minutes to get into the first dungeons, it's quite long. Come to think of it I'd say OoT out of all the 3D Zeldas takes the least amount of time to get into most of the temples/dungeons, there's less fetching and whatnot.

    The world is fairly large, its smaller than WW's but larger than OoT's.

    It's a fairly long game last I remember.

    For 3D console Zelda's I rank them MM > WW > OoT > TP > SS

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    Digglett's pretty boss at Zelda knowledge so maybe she'll pop in and tell you what you need to know (cause I'm curious too).
    It's the truth!

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    IMO, yes it has some slow parts. These slow parts are known as the 2nd half of the game. (I.E. once you finish the first 3 dungeons, get past the "turning point" in every Zelda game). It's worth a try at least.
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    It's a solid game but takes forever to start up as many have said but if you can get past that then it's a pretty fun game, despite the fightning system since it's not as good as Skyward with the motion control
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