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    The IRS isnt holding it up, the estate can be split to the parties at anytime the executor sees fit, however the executor is responsible for the taxes.

    They may be telling you the irs is holding it up, but I assure you thats not the case.

    Unless he owed them money.
    The IRS may very well be holding up the issue. As I said previously typically the executor does not release funds (or at least holds back a sizable cushion just in case the IRS or someone else comes knocking saying the decedent owed them money) until all these matters have been settled. Now, it is completely possible the executor is lying.

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    I thought usually when something gets dragged out this long its because of a dispute between the parties who the estate is being split up between.
    That is more commonly the issue. I am just saying the IRS doesn't really care whether the beneficiaries get along great or creating WW3. The IRS only cares "hey your estate was worth $50 million and so you owe us $20 million". The the executor pays the $20 million and now has $30 million to distribute. Now that there is only $30 million to distribute it is who gets that $30 million that causes the family drama. For the OP since the parties agree it just goes according the the will. When the soap operate starts its when dad says the money should be split evenly among my 3 kids but the daughter or whoever says no no I cared for them therefore I should get 20 and you guys can get 5 each. It's at this time everyone sues the crap out of each other and the fun begins.

    TLDR; IRS gets their cash first and then the family gets to argue over the crumbs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hypasonic View Post
    Would be interested in seeing that, I don't know much about the constitution, but I guess it's available for viewing on google? Gonna peak ^^
    Knowing you are an American, this line just made my day a little bit worse.

    In any case, it's extremely unlikely that the IRS won't sign off on his estate because he paid his taxes.

    The IRS is known for many things, but outright theft is not one of them (depending on who you ask).

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    We need to due away with the IRS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathiest View Post
    We need to due away with the IRS.
    Sure let's rely on the honor system for people to pay their taxes. Sounds like a great idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathiest View Post
    We need to due away with the IRS.
    taxes arent going anywhere anytime soon they have been a part of society for the last 4000+ years.
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    The only 2 certainties in life are death and taxes. Good luck avoiding either one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hatelocker View Post
    The only 2 certainties in life are death and taxes. Good luck avoiding either one.
    And gun control threads.....

    But seems weird OP...wait a year longer maybe?

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