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    Kind souls does really wander our world.

    Heya all.

    So, this happening was just so awesome, that I just had to make a post about it.

    I was standing in Orgrimmar, minding my own business, making some netherweave bags in hope for a good profit. Then out of nothing, this Tauren runs past me and then walks backwards to me, inspects. My head wasn't noticing much until he had stood there for a while, then a trade window pops and I was like, "Oh, maybe he needs some tailoring done". The very next minute, he throws two items into the trade window and trades with me, two 476 items (Spelltwister's Robe and Gloves). I of course ask if he needed anything for it, and he just said nothing and bowed, went on his merry way.

    I must admit, this took me by surprise. I know there hides kind people around, but didn't expect to meet one. I am never that lucky, and then I even meet him within Orgrimmar. Of course I happily put on the gloves and robe as my mage wasn't the best geared charecter.

    So, thank you to this awesome Tauren Warrior on Argent Dawn. Not all hide for themselves.

    I will use the items well, and always remember being gifted these pieces.
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    Always a great thing when someone does something nice just because they can. Thank you for sharing the story!

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    Always nice when that happens. Happened to me aswell once. I got 500g and 2 18 slot bags on a low lvl char on a brand new server. Did indeed help. Had nothing. Not even leveling gear.

    It happened a lot back in the days. But nowdays its a rarity. Rarer than legendaries!

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    The fine movie Finding Forrester had quite a useful quote:
    "The key to a woman's heart is an unexpected gift at an unexpected time."

    It doesn't have to be a women or to get access to her heart, but really presenting a gift to someone who doesn't expect it at some random time and place. It does make fun reactions

    It kinda defeats the purpose telling about giving things, but oh well.. Once gave 10k to this random level 20 orc with no heirlooms, who threw snowballs at me. It was on a server I didn't play on, so couldnt care less about the gold. Needless to say his reaction was well worth it. Guess there's something in it for both parts at times I'm sure the Tauren felt nice too, so everyone wins!

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    Some random person bought me a drink out of nowhere at the bar last night. This is pretty much the same thing.

    Nice people are everywhere.

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