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    best counter to Healer Dps comps ?


    With 5.2 around the corner and all those changes to damage and burst, I was wondering which team comp would be the best to reliably kill healer dps comps in 2v2 ? im just tired of 30 mins games vs warrior/healer

    I was thinking about Rogue/Spriest like back in s6, or Rogue/Mage ?

    DK/healer might work too

    your thoughts ?

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    rogue mage, if you can get a decent opener, good luck killing a skilled disc/hpally though
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    Spriest/Mage is pretty lethal.
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    Feral Rogue could be pretty lethal in 5.2 again with the increase to the rogue toolkit, it was pretty strong in season 11 and I imagine it will be again if played right.

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    Rogue/Hunter (maybe)
    SPriest/Warrior (Lots of survivability, and you'll eventually land a kill)

    Any of those will work I'd imagine. You just need a class with a lot of burst and CC, which both Mages and Rogues have, then another good consistent damage and burst class, which Ferals, Hunters, Warriors, and Shadow Priests all have.

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