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    Desktop issue

    Yesterday I started having issue when I turned my computer on i could click anything on my desktop thinking it was my mouse I used my old mouse which I know worked fine, now I believe it may be a virus of some sort as I have to alt+ctrl+del and bring task manger up then I'm able to clicking on icons etc and it I minimize a program it happens again and can't click on anything.

    Anyone else experienced this before? doing my head in having to alt+ctrl+del every minute

    Edit: Using Windows 8 64bit, Done spybot scan and a sfc scan

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    Can you explain the issue a bit more clearly? I.. honestly can't really determine what the actual problem is. Can you not click on icons/programs/buttons?
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    Try googling: mouse click not working windows

    Seems to be a fairly common issue. Lots of things to try in those google links; too many to cut'n'paste into this post.

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    Does your newest mouse come with a program like "setpoint" etc? If it does, uninstall it and reinstall it after you have determined if that was the problem or not.

    If that's not the problem, open up your cmd prompt and write: sfc /scannow -Press enter. This will replace incorrect versions of protected system files, if you have incorrect versions. It might solve it.

    Last, but no least. Get HW monitor and show us the voltage on your 5V rail.

    If this won't help, we gonna need more details.

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